MOSES: A Proof of GOD’s Existence in visible Absence

For GOD’sBondMan, GOD isn’t just GOD because HE comes to us in the depth we can understand using what we know to show us what we do not know but because of Deliverance.
GOD is GOD because GOD uses what we need to be delivered from to deliver us.

“If life is a game then GOD is THE game in which life is but a stage. Think of it as GOD being the rule and course of the game of games. All hidden corners and unlocked abilities are a reminder that there is more to this game than winning or losing. There is more to gain and more to the game than players, there is more to the game than stages, there is THE game…there is GOD”.

For example, humanity needed to be delivered from hell because hell is separation and separation from GOD is death and death begets sin which is paid for by death. So humanity needed to be saved from death, to be delivered from death which is the disconnection from GOD by separation caused from sin.

How does GOD deliver us from that corruption power? GOD becomes man to die so that the wage may be paid and the eternal debt written off.
Humanity needed to be saved from death; thus, JESUS died to save us into life.

For GODsBondMan, GOD uses what we need to be delivered from to deliver us in form.

“The miracles of GOD are too grand to be claimed by the intellect of humans such that it’s either too impossible to have been done, too plausible to be denied, too immense to be dismissed, too complex to excogitate or too GOD to be human”.

But in this same vein, because of the bond which causes man to live as GOD lives, for man to have what man could not have, man must give what man does have.

For GOD’sBondMan, man is made man when man gives what man deserves to be given. For life…to have eternal life…man must believe and have belief and give belief, by grace.

For life, in eternity, man must surrender life in its entirety.

For peace in its entirety, man must release every piece of man to the peace stature of GOD.

For man to be, man must be as GOD intends man to be.

So in this beautiful method of saving humanity by that which humanity needs saving from, Moses was saved by the hand of GOD through the compassion of the daughter of the Pharaoh. The Pharaoh who sought to kill the preservation of the culture of GOD was the same in whose authority the seed for the preservation of the culture of GOD was secure.

“The reason why man should surrender as a bond to GOD is because GOD works in ways that supersede the prowess of man resulting in saving man when man cannot save man and giving life to that which has been settled as dead. GOD is GOD and good because GOD creates points of leverage from points which could not be salvaged”.

And GOD is GOD because what HE orchestrates cannot be moved or broken or stolen or stopped or conquered and for this, GOD causes all those who are bond to HIM to triumph eternally not by the “strand-dards” and perspectives of men and other men but by the overwhelming standard and course of GOD saving man with that which man needs saving from.


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