The Truth About Lies

Whatever belongs to GOD is never at odds with the truth.

Since GOD is truth and the truth is made of the residue and soul of GOD, and all that belongs to GOD possesses the presence of GOD, nothing that belongs to GOD should strive with truth.

GOD cannot strive with GOD and GOD remains in unity with HIMSELF because GOD is truth and there is truth because there is GOD.

In this conclusion, the presence of GOD – which is found in all that belongs to GOD – expels the ambience of lies.

Because GOD’sBondMan belongs to truth and truth is by GOD, there should be no felicitation with lies even if lies seem soothing and comforting or that it is by lies we lie in peace at night and rise at dawn. Even if it is by lies we find satisfaction or gain the fraction of life we have resolved to understand.

Even if lies cloth us and gloat at us and float in our minds and loathe through us. Even if lies are the boat and coming out would make us sink and drown in the consequences of the truth, those who belong to GOD would not be evened-up by lies or to lies.

Maybe, to you, the lie is the absence of GOD; to me, it is the pretense off GOD. To you, the lie is a fire that hurts – the size of hell – ravaging the heart; to me, it could be the wiles that we tell while packaging the art of our lives.

For Moses, what was the lie?

It was the identity of prince over the wrong kingdom. What GOD had sanctified for the course of true redemption could not be thwarted by the glorified curse of lies.

What was the lie?

The lie was living the life that suits self. The lie was leaving the life that is suited up by self. The lie is denying that self is only a tool and not the wool, woven, to fit into a long-lasting goal. To lie is to try to fit-in the knowledge of evil into the knowledge of GOD; resulting in testifying that GOD is unkind whereas there is a kind of love that strengthens in adversity which is not to be confused for the absence of love in adversity

What is the lie?

The lie is that those who belong to GOD can be gods to themselves. Why? Pff! Because all that was created by GOD is for the design of GOD and every created thing is a point of duty in the completion of creation.

“You are convinced that the phone was created for communication and self-introspection and communal evaluation and whatever the phone was created for. In the same vein, you don’t need to argue with the conviction that so long as the human was created, there is a duty for the created in creation”.

What is the lie?

The lie is denial…of divinity, the desire of divinity, the decision of divinity and the divine love of divinity and for divinity. The lie is stating that humanity can begin a thing for divinity to follow or that we can initiate our lives for Divinity to bless it even if it is against the overall wellness of being and the instructional good of Divinity.

What is the lie?

The lie is asking a round peg to fit into a square hole because it would be nice if it did. The lie is distorting order for the purpose of tasting the sweetness of disorder regardless of the after-state of bitterness and death.

“if you fight creation, it is not because you wish to refute that you could not created your self and that there has always been a reason for existence thus the worth; rather, it is the vocal enmity of refusal to abide by the reason why one was created”.

What is the lie?

The lie is that GOD “made evil good”. It is a lie because although GOD made evil, good and evil are two sides of knowledge. Good is to evil as light is to darkness.

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