Why GOD is not the “Tool of GOD”

I need to point this out very emphatically in this Bond that the miracles of GOD and the wonders from GOD are not the reason for GOD.

“But if you are in the business of looking for a physical annotation for GOD to hold as GOD, then – by all means – you would find yourselves worshipping the means and the tool of deliverance rather than the one who uses said-tool to cause the deliverance”.

These things that make fire from nothingness and sight from blindness and voice from silence and wind from staleness are but a call for humanity to behold the person of GOD.

To the man – diligent in his wrong business – GOD calls him by the failure of the business; and to the man, with a failure of service, GOD calls him with the success of servitude. With the man who is sick, GOD calls him with healing so that he would seek the ONE who made him whole; to the woman without a name, with a drive or purpose without a spine or without a vision, GOD calls her with insight; to the child who is helpless and in distress, GOD calls them with hope and direction to elope from the life of slavery and helplessness.

To the man, to the woman, to the kin, to the kings and to the Queen, GOD calls them all in that which they cannot do by themselves with that which only GOD can do to and for them.


Well it is simply to get them back in order and shape.

“If you would not leave the doctor to thank the stethoscope, then we should not leave the creator to thank the creation”.

These callings and miracles are not the finality of events and do not, in themselves, carry the fulfilment of purpose. Every great thing, done, is a sign that points the recipient of the wonder to the maker of the wonder. For GOD’sBondMan, every act of heaven is a sign to cause an awareness of the presence of GOD: it is a reminder, it is a recall, it is a marker for reckoning. If you see fire, you know there is warmth and with warmth is life and if you see stars at night, you know that their is light and there is night and there is time and season and when you see all these: life, night, light, time, season, the marker of space, the steady and consistent obedience of nature to order, then you have seen the marker of life at work you have seen GOD.

Feel free, be at ease, take off your sandals *winks*. Welcome home.

“And if man is used by GOD to do the things that only GOD can do but is worshiped as being god for these things which man cannot do but is done but this man (through the power of GOD) then, we have become twice removed from the key to our freedom from the bondage of Man by man”.

The purpose of the miraculous is to draw you back to the place you ought to be. The miracle is not its own finality.

So too for Moses, the burning bush was not the end of the game, it was not the period to his sentence, it was not what he was to worship or proclaim to the world rather his message was about the one who caused a bush to be a bon-fire and not get burnt.

Oh-What a Miracle! To have GOD as your message to the world, what a privilege!

“True wisdom is understanding that GOD is not the mantle that is used by GOD. Rather, GOD is GOD. GOD is not the object that is used for the wonders of the world. GOD is not the works used to complete the order of creation, GOD is not the sun, nor the moon, nor the wise man, nor wisdom. GOD is not what GOD uses to turn the heart of men to GOD. No! GOD is GOD is GOD is GOD. Because you don’t say the child is the cup that is used by the child to take water from the faucet.”

The essence of the great signs of life and healing, and wholeness and wellness or wealth and sound health is restoration. The great gain of the miracles is the salvation of the person who received the miracle(s). For Moses, he was saved from a life outside his ordination; for you, it could be a recall to the will of GOD and for me, it could be a reminder for the reason of existence; for you, it could be the remembrance of a forgotten truth and for me, it could be the strengthening for a greater task – one too grand to be pulled-off without the help of HIM that sent me.


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