Who sent you?

Critical question and almost clinical.

If you were asked, what is the purpose of doing what you do, you should answer, shouldn’t be that hard (I presume), but who sent you?

Of course it’s important to establish that because there is a reason for everything – at least there should be – then there is an influence for anything which is done to be done.

Who sent you to do what you do? Who asked that it should be done? And no, it is not you. You did not ask you to do what you do. You are not in control – no human being really is.

Permit me to digress in order to buttress the issue at hand.

“We are all slaves; congratulations. Slaves to one desire or the other, to one goal or the other, to one fear or the other, to one ideal or the other and to one purpose or the other. If these are not enough for you then by all means be rest-assured that you are enslaved by and to the concept that “you cannot be enslaved by anything” which in itself is slavery – judging by the fact that it is a self-preserved hypnosis and hallucination away from the truth of life hinged on the concept of being in subjection to the subject-matter of life”.

You might think it is only logical for you to be the sender of you to do what you do but it is not as easy as that. All who live are in allegiance to one supernatural force or the other. The supernatural force – GOD or the enemy of GOD – comes with a purpose and the purpose with an instruction and the instruction with a name and the name with an identity and the identity with a belief in the purpose and the belief brings a believe in the purpose which gives strength for the purpose and this strength, when used, brings the fulfilment . And the fulfilment traces its steps back to the one who sent you. This is the genealogy of allegiance and acceptance of allegiance.

“…Better to be ‘slave’ to GOD who bought us from slavery to the world only to set and make us free from the world and be free, in deed, regardless of the world and all the patterns of slavery”.

In other words, you can identify who sent you by the end of the game when it is time to give glory for the great things that have been done. If it is not GOD who gets the glory, then it is the enemy of GOD’s precept. While self is the first recipient – if it is the enemy of GOD that gets glory – it is important to turn to the ideal that brought self to the high place of taking the glory of GOD away.

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