For Moses, GOD gave him a name that was all encompassing. It is a name that only GOD can answer and not be in blasphemy of the truth. A name that goes beyond times and ability, an unperturbed and undisturbed point of existence. So that whatever happened and happens or is happening, GOD is…I am.

I AM says, that GOD can be everything and anything. There is no limit to the definition of GOD as the “I am”. God is infinite, cannot be stopped, cannot be limited, is not a wood structure or bronze image or man in every generation, or moon representation or solar imitation, or flesh and skin, or image made by men. GOD is: as though answering the question of existence and sustenance; GOD is: stating that HE is always present…it is not “GOD was” as in “I WAS” but I am…ever present, undisputed. I AM.

It is about being current, GOD is current. At any point of existence, you’ll find GOD to be defined as why and who HE is. I AM.

So for Moses when GOD said HE IS the I AM Who I AM. It was to affirm that what HE IS is what says HE is. HE would not change, neither would HIS covenant, nor HIS love or HIS Word. What HE said and says would come to pass. What HE would say, would come to pass. I AM.


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