When I say GOD, I always scream

I’ve always been asked why I write “GOD” instead of “God” when referring to the creator. Of course, I find it very distasteful to write “god” to refer to the same person just as much as I find it misplaced to start a proper noun without a capitalised letter. Now, if you have noticed it and wondered why, I’m glad to answer it right now🤗. If you haven’t, well that’s good, assuming you found it to be normal and you do that too and it’s not from the lack of being critical while reading.

I write GOD because whenever I do, I’m always screaming.

There’s always a story when I say GOD. I scream it, it’s like the heart beating every pound at a time, it’s about paying attention to the details of the privilege. Every call is a means of worship, really. When I say GOD, it’s like a knight dropping their sword in honour and surrender. But it goes beyond the feeling of awe and worship and aesthetics or ecstasy. Sometimes, it’s hard to surmise all that GOD is by saying God so I shout it.

Why Do I shout the Name of GOD instead of simply Saying it?

I’ll tell you, truthfully.

When I have to call upon GOD, it’s as immense as escaping drowning for me. It’s as important as living, really.

Let me describe the feeling so you can equally envisage my experience.

It’s like holding boiling water in your mouth; it’s like letting fire burn through your veins; it’s like looking at the sun without shades; it’s like running away from a pacing lion; it’s like listening to a barking dog, all-night; or it’s like climbing to the roof or building on a tree or waiting for loving parents to come home after a long journey. That’s the feeling.

It’s like watching clouds form objects, tell stories and leave like a theatre audience after the show. It’s like every breath can be felt and accounted for, every motion can be held. It’s like freezing time to be in that one moment of bliss, it’s like re-living the best hours of joy. It’s like seeing what would happen before it happens. It’s like saying aaahhhh and yelling yeeeaaaa…

It’s surreal, yet it’s so real and that’s why I scream.

The way I’ll shout if I jumped off a cliff or from a flying plane without parachutes, that’s how I shout the name: GOD – only this time, I am in joy.

When I scream, it’s for everyone to know that it’s not just a name, it’s not just a claim, it’s not a passed-down tradition that I must uphold. It’s GOD. Every opportunity that there is to say the name, I scream it. Feel every syllable through my cavities, burn every calorie. GOD!

When I say GOD, I always scream in my head because it’s too immense to whisper. You don’t see good things and shut your mouth up or proclaim in a low voice. Nope. You shout. I shout because I’m sure, I shout because there’s always more. I shout because GOD is pure and raw perfection and never a bore. If you have experienced GOD you’ll understand that every moment comes with a breath-taking, life-giving awesomeness. GOD.

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