The Seven Deadly Objections: A Moses Model (2)

SECOND OBJECTION – The Objection of Audience

“I don’t think I would be listened to or believed”

Denial of GOD been heard by the herd

Now you know what you should know. It’s truth starting in your face, mirroring your blinking pattern, smiling, too; breathing in when you breathe out, breathing out so you can breathe in.

“Even your shadow makes you understand that you are standing before light. Light moving is your shadow swaying, light breathing is your shadow rising and falling. You are proof that you met GOD”

It’s GOD speaking to you, you are sure, it’s pure reality, not limited to any dimensional manifestation. You know, and you owe it to truth to spread it so that this feeling can be felt by others and shared by those who used to shear it; however, your contemplation becomes a distraction. You deny the goodness of an audience willing to listen. Your friends might not listen; if they listen, they might not believe; if they believe, they may be scared to leave what they have always believed or live by what they shall believe. The scare of conversion from lie to truth is threatened by great apostasy, it’s either they end their crusade against truth or they meet their end on the premise of truth.

“Some of them consider that they would have to die, pay with their lives to have the way of life. Some would lose everything, lose their minds first, lose their temper, then lose their stamina and lose their incarceration. As you have lost your religion, hopefully, they lose theirs. Some would lose their chains faster than they think they would lose their breaths, some would lose nothing but the turmoil of their souls because peace would arrive. You must tell them so that their loss would be gain in eternity”

So this Objection of Audience states that you don’t think you are a worthy authority to proclaim the GOD-song because you may not meet an audience to receive it. Good. GOD needs the imperfect to show HIM Perfect just as HE used desolation to orchestrate creation. There is no pre-meditated beginning – it is HOLY SPIRIT that shall speak in your mouth when you give the answers for faith (in GOD).

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