The Seven Deadly Objections: A Moses Model (3)

The Third Objection: The Objection of Certainty

“I don’t know how to prove you exist or have sent me”

The Denial of Clue and the Request for What is True

This is the secondary observation – the place for certainty. It is a few acres from doubt if given the right route. Questions bothering on what you know come to light: if what you believe is worth believing, if who you believe deserves belief, if belief is needed, if proof is absent because there is none in sight, if the vacuum needs to be filled by other issues other than GOD, if what you know deserves to be known, if what you were sure of is not short of been certain about. Sometimes it’s about showing what is true, to give clue to the uncertainty, to drop the grains of corn and lead the chicken back to it’s house.

Most times, it is just to be reassured that GOD is out there and if so, that HE is in here as well. The objection of Certainty is most times the first temptation and the second: the “if you are the son of GOD” Saga i.e if GOD is your father, or if GOD is there at all and the “Jump Down” Saga i.e show me there is GOD and jump off, if the Words of GOD are written and certain then there would be angels to guide you.

“In fact, if the request for the sign of GOD – before the belief in GOD – is asked to spite the knowledge and experience of GOD by any and all – prior to reprobation for damnation – who refuse to acknowledge the power of GOD glaring in their faces, it is just like second temptation. Best be ignored with a peace greeting, really”

But doesn’t that mean that you should not seek proof of GOD?

NO. Faith doesn’t ask you to be blind and remain so. It says, that the room is dark and your best way to get out is to feel your way through the walls by the voice of another who has come out of the dark room. Proof is for the certainty and strengthening not for pulling down that which protects you. It is like a wall: to build a wall, you need bricks and bricks are as much proof as shadows to light in a poorly lit room.

So what is your brick to build the wall? What is your certainty?

It is all that you’ve had and heard. It’s truth – say it again and again. “There is GOD, JESUS is the face of GOD, being the only begotten son; JESUS died to save by paying death with it’s own coin, but HE lives forever after HE resurrected from death as a forecast of the fate of all those who have faith in HIM. Life is a meaning by purpose and this purpose is from GOD. Therefore, I exist because there is GOD and less of this is less of everything”.

In most cases the proof of GOD to you is as clearly demarcated as the mark of your fingerprint on ink. It’s personal and tailored to you. It may or may not make sense to another person but your goal is to let them know that they, too, can experience GOD for themselves.

If they doubt you, you are to use what is in your hand. For Moses, it was the rod, it was the voice of Aaron, it was the Word of GOD, it was the covenant of their fathers, it was the Name of GOD, it was a miracle of return. For you, it could be all these and more. GOD is very creative, I assure you.

“Being able to talk about GOD when you would have – by all means – opted not to is a miracle. If the world has speculated that by your hardship and pain, you would be mute about GOD – like the devil had hoped JESUS would be in dire hunger – but you speak up because it is true whether it is accepted or not, then that is a miracle and so are you”.

Use your heart because it still beats for a reason and anyone who dares to take that away has attempted to kill you. The modalities of killing a man is not just to take away his life but to take away the reason for his life.

Use your art. Your art is a tool, a sword in battle, a spoon at supper. Your art does what you cannot do, speaks to those who you cannot speak to, art connects dots that you were not aware existed.

Use your “at”. Your location, your premises, your premise, the point of existence, your physical presence. It doesn’t have to be a distant place, it could be your street, your avenue; every avenue that GOD provides for you to reach out to the world with HIS Word, use that…use those.

Use your path, your road, your journey, your life.

For the objection of Certainty, use the pact. The pact, the bond, is GOD’s assurance of presence to you: let GOD use you to show GOD because GOD would pour HIMSELF upon and in you. That’s the promise.

The objection of certainty is nothing when you become host of the divine as a carrier made of dust possessing the undiluted presence of the creator of heaven earth and everything in-between.

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