The Seven Deadly Objections: A Moses Model (4)

The Fourth Objection: The Objection of Capacity

“I can’t think on my feet”

Denial of Endowment by the endowment of denial

You are unable to give an answer for your faith in GOD as quickly as the questions are asked and this makes you feel very uncomfortable to talk about your faith in GOD. However, it’s an error to think that the most eloquent or the most ‘arranged’ is the most accurate or closest to truth. This is not to disregard eloquence or logical deductions but it is not to reduce the subject of faith to a contest of supremacy.

“If for you it is difficult to say your name without a stutter, it never negates the fact that the name is your name whether you say it in one breath or two with a slur”.

If you are slow in speech, speak slowly. If you are quick then – by all means – be swift; but far be it from anyone to deny faith a place to be if the one who brings it is not as fast or as slow. If you cannot think on your feet, please, sit down to think. Don’t sit it out but be at peace, always, when you speak the words of peace.

“I am always assured that once we begin to speak about the Prince of PEACE – JESUS – HE takes over our beings to finish what we gave started by and in HIS Name”

There is no excuse. Because there was no excuse in the creation by GOD neither was there blame or cause for repentance away from perfection but that all that has been made are holy and sanctified. Even so, in your moment of answer by faith, there is no excuse to your reason of faith.

For Moses, GOD gave an answer by faith to every excuse he had for refusing to give the answer of faith before pharaoh. For him, it was a stutter; to you, it might be a blunder: powerful to cause asunder all attention with one shudder. To me, it might be the strife for perfection, broken edges, stressed secret encounters, opened diaries that shock the marrow of high expectations.

To Moses, it might have been being inferior to those he would speak to; to you, it might be the same; to me, it might be the burden of being out of place – the crucible to swallow shame, forget fame and speak truth for GOD-sake.

What I’m joyful for is that for every point of weakness seeking to discredit or disqualify our stance in what we understand from GOD, in all good graces, GOD is always in the business of fortifying us with the assertion of positivity and an answer of finality in peace.

“Therefore, my renewal of mind is that I have no objection to what I can do. I can do all things through CHRIST who strengthens me. There is no limit except for the very ONE who gives me grace to be limitless. CHRIST is my buffer…CHRIST buffers me from Objection by rejection”.

For GOD’sBondMan, the Objection of Capacity is equal to the rejection of GOD’s sovereignty which means that to subscribe to this objection would be to refute the faith in GOD as a result of the refusal of GOD in us. What should be done is the subjection of capacity to the purpose of the giver of said-capacity and the objection that such exist.

“The baby may not be aware that it can stand on its own or walk or that it would be able to do all these and more while it is swaddled in its crib but it can and it would. It has the capacity to do so and once it knows how to, it would. Same applies to you if the challenge for capacity arises when the need to give answer for faith emerges”

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