The Seven Deadly Objections: A Moses Model (5)

The Fifth Objection: The Objection of Literacy

“I do not know what to say”

Denial of Erudition in the Prowess of Edification

If you go, the LORD would be with you and be in your mouth. It is the LORD who would speak when you attempt to answer. It is the LORD whose words would sound once and echo twice into the understanding of reasoning. When you go, it is the LORD that goes – before you: lest there be any obstacle, to remove or fortify you; with you: as a guide, showing you the right ways to go and the affirmation of HIS Righteousness and; after you: to guard you from all evil, to protect you from the torment if a foregone past, to make healing lasting since transformation is possible.

“Faith is…moving when GOD says move – even when it’s impossible, especially when you wouldn’t have moved unless GOD moved you. It is doing what you couldn’t do prior to doing it because GOD says do it and has given you both power and authority to do so. Faith is being saved by grave in complete submission to the ways of GOD. You couldn’t do that by yourself but now that you do it, it is by GOD thus, it is GOD’s doing and your obeying – that is faith”

I reckon that even after knowing the truth in HIS Word and understanding the power that lies in the truth of HIS Name you’d fret to have anything to say because of the uncertainty that HE is with you. The excuse…the Objection of Literacy comes by the lack of trust in the presence of the spirit of GOD. To be rid of this denial that you cannot do what GOD has asked because you do not think you have what to say, let GOD do the talking through you and for that to happen you must believe that GOD is present when you need HIM. HIS Word is the evidence of HIS Presence, the world revolving is an evidence of HIS Presence.

“You do not have to know how to read and write to be rid of fear to speak about GOD as HE writes HIS Law of Love upon the veins of the earth for an eternal salvation of HIS Holy Creation”

For Moses, GOD made it clear that it was all in HIS Power, to make a man dumb, or deaf, to quicken steps and lessen the swift, to cause blindness and to give sight. There is nothing impossible for GOD; thus, for every difficult and impossible stage in your life as your live: giving the answer of faith to the invisible enemy, to the visible world or to yourself in belief, reprise the power of GOD that “HE is able to do the impossible and complete that which could not be finished”.

For Moses, GOD gave Aaron; to me, HE gave the GOD’sBondMan; to you, he could give more…more than you can expect, more than you can anticipate…more…more and so much more.

For Moses, it was giving the answer of faith to liberate a whole nation from a superpower without a civil war; to you, it could be deliverance from a secret sin, a lesson of trust in HIM, a way – made – for the process of life; to me, it could be restoring the joy of salvation or confirming the promise in HIS Word or making the soul whole and the body sanctified just as the spirit is made holy unto righteousness. It could be all these things. What is sure along with them is that, when the time is right, GOD would speak for you, through you because GOD would be in you.

“It is in the interest of Heaven and the course of creation that you fulfil your part by giving face to the works of GOD upon the earth. Because GOD would not fail and you have let GOD into you as a controller of your life, you would not fail”.

So with constancy and dependence in HIS Presence, GOD who knows all things – even before they come to be – the objection of Literacy is only a mirage to the truth that no adversary is greater than GOD and because we have the Word of GOD and the thrust of HIS Word through our mouths, we are victorious by faith in JESUS CHRIST; not wavering until the fullness of HIS Promise and likeness of HIS Love have been fully established in us and in the world through us.

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