First Passenger on-board EXODUS By Bus –


Here is her Salvation Story:

My salvation story is the Gift in a Gift and this is I how I got to know JESUS, personally. I grew up in a Christian home, with a Bishop as my Godfather and practically surrounded by many other pastors. My parents’ house was basically the guest house for pastors (for a lack of better words). So yes, the talk of GOD was always in the air. My Godfather convinced my Mum to take me to an Anglican Girls’ Boarding school which I forcefully resisted because it meant that for 3 years I would have to let go of my hair but eventually I did. In boarding house, on my 12th birthday, my Godmother gave me a present…yup, you guessed right…a Bible. That was the beginning of the journey for me. I was excited when I read My girly Bible for the first time. I started reading it and slowly fell in love with it. It was the best book I had ever read (and I’m saying this bearing in mind the fact that I was a wide reader). But it was more than a book because slowly, the characters became real to me and that’s how I met Jesus for myself. I met Jesus by reading the Bible out of boredom and curiosity.
Few months later, I was made devotional prefect and I have never and will never by the Grace of God stop talking about my first love. Not the Jesus of my parents or Godparents, but My savior. My salvation story wasn’t epic, it wasn’t on the altar, it wasn’t by laying of hands, or lifting of hands. It was by sitting at the feet of Jesus like Martha. I met Jesus by reading the Bible in a boarding school where I never wanted to be and by the time I left that school, I had finished the whole Bible and ironically didn’t want to leave the school. That was my exodus…leaving Egypt to my promised land.

Thank you for reading this Salvation story. I believe you have been blessed and encouraged. I would like to let you know that Amaka runs a YouTube channel where she talks about GOD with all fervency. You can view it here: http://youtu.be/3QLpcYA13CQ and please encourage her in all ways that you can.

If you would like to share your Salvation Story as a means to encourage others in the faith, kindly do so by visiting this page and following the instructions there. We would love to have your story on our platform. Until the Bus Stops by again with another story, have a beautiful day ahead.


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