The Seven Deadly Objections: A Moses Model (6)

The Sixth Objection: The Objection of Oration

“I can’t speak very well”

Denial of Spiel and the Spell of Denial

This is not been tongue-tied. I am assured of what you are thinking and talking about. I actually believe you.

What you mean is that giving all good graces and without any opposition, without tension, without threat of incarceration, without evil domination, without fear of damnation, without the suppression of information or denial of Revelation, without all these fancy words for obstacles to speak the GoodNews, you are vague.

You have the words, you know who you represent, you have the audience, the capacity, the instruction, all favours have aligned the factors of this occurrence in perfect places but you can’t speak so well. If they want to believe you, it’s hard because you are not saying what is true, rightly.

“On the issue of saying what is right in the wrong way, I can pitch in a thought in terms of offering chocolate with engine-oil-greased hands. It’s still chocolate but it has black oil all over it”.

It’s one thing to have the truth about the matter, it’s another thing to say the truth about the matter without causing banter on why the truth is said the way it is said. You don’t speak so well, you’ve tried, apparently, you can’t speak well.

It’s demoralising to think that the liar would come up on the same podium, tell their lies and they would be believed because they spoke well but you, nope. Now is that…this a reason to abandon the great commission which in it’s absence would lead to a great omission of essence from salvation? No.

A friend of mine said yesterday, and I paraphrase, that if we examine ourselves properly, everyone has an objection to why we are fit to serve GOD. At first, I smiled over it, but then, it’s true.

Yours is the Objection of Oration, so was Moses’, mine could be that or anything at all and it all boils down to the inability to do something or the denial in the ability to do said-thing.

The Objection of Oration simply states that you are unqualified to speak based on the absence of the knowledge of skills for communication, perhaps your lazy accent, the inability to articulate certain words properly, the terrible and attributive grammatical blunders, the errors which come with different speech names – varying across the assembly of speech communities.

Fine. While you work on getting better in this (because you can be better and you can work to that effect), your objection to this objection would be to ask the HOLY SPIRIT what means to work with while HE works on you as you work on yourself.

For GOD’sBondMan, the means of spreading the Word of GOD is not the primary issue but that in the end, the Word gets to whom the Word was ordained for – no matter the number.

“And speaking of numbers, it doesn’t matter how many people are out there listening. What matters, first, is that you are reaching out and doing so in such a way that the HOLY SPIRIT interprets the intention of GOD to them concerning the situation to which your reaching-out is a balm”.

Many have found various forms of art as media for the gospel of CHRIST to be seen in the world. Your repair mechanism could be one of these – but it should be as directed by the HOLY SPIRIT. The Goal is not to wait until you get better to represent the Will of heaven on the earth.

“The goal is to be available. GOD’s Glory is harvested when HE is allowed to use you and through whatever means as it pleases HIM. From least to the midst of the highly placed. Wherever GOD places you is where your place of fulfilment is. Not what you think you want and definitely regardless of what you want to think”

So to the objection of Oration and the denial of Spiel, say, “I would sing, I will dance, I would wave I would read, I would walk, I would work, I would give, I would create so that others may receive, I would be tool in whatever way except to be dormant. I would ask and do what the LORD wishes”.

“I will because it is HIS Will…” – that is the bond, “…and because HE Wills, it is my will”.

To the denial of Spiel and the spell of denial, “I am loose into the arms of freedom – in CHRIST – for the crusade of the LORD continues”. The banner of Heaven is raised, the truth marches and we follow. Because JESUS fails not, GOD’sBondMan fails in naught.


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