The Seven Deadly Objections: A Moses Model (7)

The Seventh Objection: The Objection to Journey

“I can’t go, please send someone else”

Denial of Ability and The Journey in Ability

It’s not a random scenario anymore. You are very familiar with GOD speaking to you and revealing HIMSELF and HIS plans to you. You know GOD, no doubt – one would think that at this point you would have no need to doubt GOD. The thing is…you don’t. You believe all that has been said to you, you believe the truth of your ordination. You believe there is an ordination, at least. You know that the ordination requires a movement, it deserves a moment or two and more.

You know that if someone doesn’t go, people would perish. You believe that. You know that people are in dire need of knowing GOD, the freedom and course of freedom to life that lives for all eternity. You believe that.

You know that GOD called you and that HE has burnt – in the fire of belief with answers of faith – all your inadequacies (no, that’s not euphemism for burning bush or hell, I mean actual fire).

Your weaknesses are crystal-clear to be nothing. Nothing is standing in your way of being who you were created to be…nothing but…you. If there is an enemy to fulfilment or an obstacle to your peace, it is you. You are the final objection. Your objection to GOD is that you are the reason why you cannot go. In your wit, all that is left to be addressed is the one who is addressed to go. You are the objection to the LORD.

You are wrong. When you say you can’t go, it is terrible of you to forget in split seconds of doubt the possibility of ability that emits from your capacity. “Can” shows ability, all can be done. There is an ability to do anything and in most cases, everything. You can go. The issue is you do not want to.

Cleverly put, you exercise sympathy for the course, you believe in it, so you ask that someone else go instead. Pff, please🙄 if GOD wanted someone else to go, HE would have spoken to someone else. Best resolve, because there is a reason for everything, there is also a reason why GOD came. From objection 1 to now, it isn’t because of what you can do because until GOD showed you, you didn’t know what.

“Throughout the Objections, you were busy disqualifying yourself for salvation and for being a part to it that you didn’t realise that for every disqualification you offered, there was a fortification against failure that GOD proffered”.

It is because GOD has selected you and separated you for the work long before there was a work to be done.
What this objection really means is the puke at salvation. For Moses, it was denying the ability to be used; for you, it could be haggling the assignment and its intensity with GOD; to me, it could be arguing for a reduction of service; to someone else it could be denial of faith. Whatever denial form it comes from, it is settled that the only issue you have is you. The only objection that is there now is you. You object to you; you object to be subject to GOD. You refuse to be bond to GOD.

“If you want to be you the way you know, it’s important to establish that you don’t know much and relying on what you now know as opposed to knowing what you should know is as mediocre as complacence gets to afford”

THE DENIAL of Journey is that you don’t want to start it, it is treacherous, there would be oppositions, there would be loss, there would be pain but it would all be a greater gain. This denial or self-preservation is only worth itself when you see yourself as less of whom you are , less of whom GOD has made you to be.

You have all that you need to believe, you have all that you need to be, so live. Leave the doubt out…

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