BOND 145: Conversation on Objections

-receiver picks up-
(Background noise)

Ore: h-hello
Tunde: hey-hi. Ore, what’s good?
Ore: Everything. What about you?
Tunde: it’s…it’s been well. Well, I’ve been good. It’s good to hear from you. I know…I should have called but-
Ore: (cuts in) you are busy. I can see that. Everyone can see that. I hope not too busy for yourself?
Tunde: uhm. Not sure. I’m living everyday like it’s the only one I have got to prove myself and like…it’s the last I have…
Ore: that’s pressure o. I like to take every day as it comes…omo*, a step at a time…then again, I’m not you.
Tunde: you are n-not…what does that even mean?
Ore: I’m not GOD’sBondM-Man na
Tunde: As if it’s a title. Please.
(exhales deeply into phone mic)
It’s not. There are many of us out there. The fact I call it by this name doesn’t mean it’s binding.
Ore: oh. Sorry. So I can be one?
Tunde: one what?
Ore: BondMan na. In my case BondWoman
Tunde: hehehe-ehn that’s for you to find out but the only restriction to that would be if you belief in GOD and follow strictly…
Ore: Good. I got it now.
Tunde: right
-paper scuffling-
Ore: are you busy, I can call back if I’m distur-
Tunde: no no. I’m packing up. err…had to arrange papers…that’s all.
Ore: how does it feel writing all these…like when do you have the time with your gorilla schedule?
Tunde: Gori- pff. I find time for GOD. please. My time is HIS. See, I have this thing where I ask HIM, what HE thinks about something as it happens. Yeah? And then I do the same thing for the project. If not…
Ore: what?
Tunde: I didn’t think I would write like this when I started. The previous one was like four paragraphs a day, maximum but here I am writing…actual baby essays, daily…
Ore: But it’s GOD that is writing it for you now
Tunde: Ore, you make it look like GOD comes down from heaven, rolls up HIS sleeves and writes while I watch from the edge of the table.
Ore: hahaha sorry
Tunde: Then again, I feel my hands aren’t mine when I write so…part of what I think you meant is true.
-papers fall off-
Ore: ehen, before I forget
Tunde: yeah?
Ore: I wanted to ask this issue of Objections. Have you ever…objected?
Tunde: *rolls his eyes* a million times. In fact for every journey like this, I’ve objected. You know I once asked GOD if HE could reduce to 200 or 250…
Ore: what?
Tunde: seriously…369 is a Goliath number if you ask me. But yes. I’ve objected. I believe the goal is not the issue of objection but the desire to not object. The Christian goal…the GOD’sBondMan goal. It’s like being unsullied. Yeah? You obey once the word is said. And you know, objection starts from the little things and boom, it goes nuclear…mushroom cloud in the sky
Ore: Unsullied? Is that a Game of Thrones reference?
Tunde: it is what it is. I do not deny nor consent. But trust me, I’ve stopped. Could not make it past the fourth season in good peace.
Ore: pele. Me, I object a lot. I think GOD just tells me to do things I can’t do on my own so that I would see that I need Him.
Tunde: you’ll always need HIM. WE would always need HIM. it’s the human thing to do – need GOD. The issue of objection comes from insistence of knowledge? Because I know something I hold on to it. Moses knew he was slow-speeched so he held on to it
Ore: but it was true. Most…some of what we know is true
Tunde: err….I would say it’s real not necessarily true.
Ore: which one is real and true now?
Tunde: it has to do with placing what you know and believe in on the scale of creation and its purpose. It’s like this. Your fear of crowds is real
Ore: very real…in fact too real
Tunde: point made (laughs) but it’s not true when you realise that it can be restored to the state of having no fear. By creation, there is no fear. The truth is, you are not afraid. It may be real that you are afraid but when you attain an understanding of the position of your creation, there is no fear.
Ore: is this one of those your aspire to inspire then require to inspire speeches
Tunde: what the-? No! I’m referring to a typology of Moses here…what’s aspire to require…?
Ore: (hisses) never mind. So you are saying I can face a crowd
Tunde: I’m saying you’ve never needed a reason not to. Objections limit our view of GOD’s Perfect Will. HE, however, is in the business of making us whole. Which includes…
Ore: (cuts in) showing what is true beyond what is real?
Tunde: I was going to say transformation but yes, we can go with your version, too.
Ore: (laughs) thank you. Chai. I have taken your time this evening.
Tunde: yes, you have. But it was worth it. Talking to you is always like looking in the mirror…face to face with that stubborn and loud pimple
Ore: did you just call me a pimple?
Tunde: Are you a pimple?
Ore: no!
Tunde: then we have no issues to worry about
Ore: (sighs) oya, let me leave you to your papers. Thanks for talking
Tunde: thanks for calling, Ore.
Ore: any leaks on tomorrow’s bond
Tunde: errr…when you see it…you’ll know…
Ore: alright, then. Goodnight
Tunde: yeah, goodnight, Ore.


*Yoruba word for child. However, used as a colloquial expression for something great.

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