When GOD makes Life Impossible

And the Lord said to Moses, “When you go back to Egypt, see that you do all those wonders before Pharaoh which I have put in your hand. But I will harden his heart, so that he will not let the people go.
Exodus 4:21 NKJV

This is a test, I believe. GOD tells you to do a thing so great; HE informs you that it would not just be uneasy, it would be impossible.

HE assures you that there would be failure. Naturally, you would not succeed. Assuredly, It’s a dead-end. Technically, it’s a trap, you walk into it and you’ll be stuck with the consequences. Logically, it would be a temptation, it would cause you justified anger. Basically, it would give you gratified pain. It would hurt you, it would break you, it would skin you, you would scream from it and plausibly, scream at you in the process.

It would be more hopeless than it seems, it is more impossible that your widest pessimistic speculation. Think of the worst scenario then think of something worse than the worst. Yet, with all these odds shouting that it is not a risk worth taking, GOD says, “go”.

“Would you, still, go?”

You know, it’s GOD who tells you that this would not lead to success. Strange, GOD admits that the plan would not work yet HE sends you there. HE says go home even though HE knows that you would be rejected. HE says sow the seed even though HE also tells you that the soil would be dead and the seed would not rise from it’s burial. GOD says, “walk into the fire, it would burn you, it would maim you, it would…” but walk, nonetheless.

Is this GOD’s way of punishing your or showing you what evil looks like. If yes to any, the question to the answer is “why”


The answer is not that “we can’t question GOD”. Pff that’s a constant factor but never to be used in place of learning the reason and reasoning of GOD So as to please HIM better.

To this test, it is to test conviction, it is to rest on the pedal of obedience, it is to show a formidable stance of belief. GOD sends us on such errands because HE wants to and because HE can but also to see what is in our hearts, whether we turn around in disobedience when the going seems to be unfavourable to our expectations.

“For GOD’sBondMan, if you place an expectation to what GOD has commended you to do and that expectation is contrary to the Hope of GOD, you should be ready to be disappointed”

It is to also purge us of our expectations of what the outcomes of GOD’s work is. It is to take our self-inflections and tilt them to divine reflections of GOD’s course of intention in events. It is to show both absolute control and development of narrative. GOD does this to create a means for our testimonies. It is greater when all hopes were gone and then it was only by GOD’s power that it was done.

It is to show GOD’sBondMan that the obstacles that we might pray for may be done by the very hand of GOD. FOR Moses, it was GOD who hardened the heart of Pharaoh; For JESUS, it was GOD’s Will to give HIS SON up to false witness to be crucified, to die so that HE may be resurrected by the power of truth and life to buy us salvation after the wage of death has been paid.

For you, it could be that addiction triggered by disappointment or that weakness triggered by anguish or that pain triggered by being wronged. For me, it could be stillness, being alone, or walking in a mental wilderness, fighting self, writing in thorns regardless of scorns from those who should encourage. It is all in the hands of GOD, to will, to do, to will and then to do, to cause and course a thing to happen and to happen to a thing twice the expectation.

“We must be careful that we do not pray aimlessly without first understanding what the Will of GOD is, whether it is GOD’s hands that makes our journey difficult to strengthen us or it is our making to weaken us”

So in the paradox of GOD’s Wish, unquestioned, It is GOD who can cause you to do a thing which is possible and make sure that it is impossible until HE Wishes for it to be possible. Whether it is for HIS glory, as always or for your grooming as always, it is certain that when GOD says a thing, that thing shall come to pass”

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