Where is Mercy?

In Bond 147, I ended by stating that I would give answer to the question of mercy from GOD. In the equation of GOD and HIS unbending covenants, where is Mercy?

Where is Mercy?

…In repentance

You’ll find mercy at the point of repentance: when what is right is done; when what is right is made standard for what should be done; when right is chosen and wrong is left; when consciousness is given and peace is living; when judgement is by GOD’s Will and the Will of GOD is your judgement for decision; when understanding is established and a reversal of steps is made; when lawful is done even when the fun is gone and when expedience is considered and truth is never altered.

There is Mercy at acknowledgment of wrong (doing or staying), confession of sin, denouncement of keen interest for evil, the devil and the doors of evil everywhere; when the repute of self is buried and ego is humbled. There is Mercy for the contrite heart which listens to the good conscience; for the man who listens to GOD; For the nation which obeys the law of GOD; for the family that lives by the love of GOD.


There is Mercy for the BondMan who wills to do what GOD wills. Who sets to please heaven. There is Mercy for them all; for us all; for you, for me; for we: who were lost; for bottomless torment because we are dust. There is Mercy.

For Moses, because Ziphorah did in quick repentance what pleased the LORD, there was mercy. For her it was after the good had been done. For you, it could be the same; for me, there should be no shame to do so. We all need mercy, we all need to do what we need to do to have mercy thrust upon our judgement.

…for repentance

And there is Mercy that causes repentance. The mercy that causes us to be advocates of good by grace and candidates of truth regardless of our race. The mercy that shows us what we have done, so that we may do what we need to do. The mercy that shines a light on our darkness that we may repent and turn from our erroneous ways.

For GOD’sBondMan, being progressive at heart and thought requires a constant openness to GOD’s thoughts: to show us where we err so that we may repent. There is Mercy to be open to GOD, to sit in the oven, GOD, and be baked, be caked, be strengthened, be solidified. Be made. There is Mercy which causes the man to see that they must turn away from the way of the world to be aligned to what GOD would say by HIS word.

Additional Note:

There is Mercy to save and there is Mercy when the man is saved. There is Mercy everywhere, from change, to acceptance, to progress, to enlightenment, to the goal of light, to love, the law of it, and to GOD. For only great and true mercy comes from GOD by which HE draws us out of our filth and into the picture of pure pixel perfection.

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