Second Passenger on-board EXODUS BY BUS

Veevyan, in Ukraine

Here’s Her Salvation Story:

I’d say I officially gave my life to Christ in 2008, from reading bible stories and one day, I stumbled on the book of Matthew 5. I kept reading through till 28. It was embedded with so many rules and I just kept reading, understanding and meditating. From that day, I personally and willfully surrendered to Christ at home.
I only went for an altar-call 5 years after that experience. It was all amazing but not up until 2016 when I fell out again. It has been a struggle coming back. I mean, I try but it’s fluctuating. This month, I’m fasting and getting close to God. Next month, I do not care and more concerned about social media, the world and all. Being in Christ is a beautiful experience. Maintaining a relationship is more important.
I’m glad to share my story here and hope somebody could have a word or two to help me. I’m 100% open to suggestions on how to get better. Thank you.

Thank you for reading this Salvation story. I believe you have been blessed and encouraged. I would like to let you know that Veevyan is a student of Medicine and Surgery in Ukraine. She is a fashion-designer, CEO of MOVE BY VIVIAN and curates a blog: http://writtenwords9.wordpress.com

You could check out her works by clicking on the link above.

If you would like to share your Salvation Story as a means to encourage others in the faith, kindly do so by visiting this page and following the instructions there. We would love to have your story on our platform. Until the Bus Stops by again with another story, have a beautiful day ahead.

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