Made in GOD

You bring GOD into the conversation when you seek HIS Word. When your words carry HIS Words. When your breath is HIS Thought and your thoughts give breath to the understanding of GOD; when you are truth-struck that you carry the Will of GOD at heart. That every blink and link and leak is for the declaration of GOD. It is profitable that everything is to clear the view of others to see GOD.

When you bring GOD into the conversation, you come with a strength, the strength is with a path, the path with courage, the courage is a fuel, so that when you face the impossible or the inevitably difficult, you would have no fear because your fear is surrendered to GOD.

“The only fear that would remain is the fear of GOD which propels you to do what is – beyond your means – perfect; both to the order of heaven and to the empathy of humanity”.

When you speak GOD’s Word, GOD, in person, is there. It is that GOD owns you, and you bear the trademark of GOD upon your intellect.

Made in GOD

It becomes clear that at every point of assertion, you insert the knowledge of GOD upon every decision and judgement. It is that you affirm a firm form of GOD that can be seen, felt, and then understood. It is that you bring the judgement of GOD to the judgement of men. It is that you bring the counsel of GOD to the council of men. It is that you bring GOD to (wo)men.

When you obey God and go to a place that you wouldn’t have wanted to go: it is GOD’s glory, given, and your story, written. It is GOD’s honour, given and your blessing, that you’re receiving. It is the beginning, really.

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