I don’t know the LORD.

Surely, the world doesn’t know the LORD. That is why you are persecuted. The world doesn’t know GOD and that is why those who do are persecuted. It is because the earth doesn’t know its LORD that is why it is rebellious to the truth of GOD and against the Will of GOD coming to pass in and upon it.

Because Pharaoh did not know the LORD, when the LORD said, “let there be…” he said, “why should there be?” all those who question GOD to put off the flame speaking to them do not know the LORD. Then again, they do not want to know the Lord. If so, they wish, by influence the enemy of their souls, to perish from lack of knowledge.

For those who do not know the LORD, dust your feet, if rejected.

Because the Pharisees did not know the FATHER they denied the SON. Because the house of Israel did not know their GOD, they were clueless when the time of their most-anticipated salvation came. Those who do not know the LORD, when the path of salvation is open and the portal for redemption is unveiled they do not see it; if they do, they reject it.

For those who reject to be saved – even after they understand the benefits of salvation, shake the dust off your feet and take your peace with you.

Because the world rejects GOD, it doesn’t see GOD and because it wants to see GOD to believe, it doesn’t believe in GOD. Because the world doesn’t believe in GOD, the world cannot see GOD. Because the world cannot see GOD, the world cannot please GOD and since the world cannot please GOD, the world has not fulfilled its reason for becoming and because the world doesn’t fulfil its reason for existence, the world doesn’t receive the reward of life.

For it is only a worker that is worthy of the wage of work. And only a servant is deserving of the wage of service. It is only those who believe in GOD that there is GOD that shall receive the wage of belief in GOD, who is the giver of eternal life.

If you have not believed, you would not understand.

So for Pharaoh, asking who the LORD was and then refusing knowledge of the LORD, he had sewn his fate into a the fabrics of doubt to which the wage of it is destruction because the LORD is a rock and only those who are on the side of the rock are not consumed.

To those who don’t know the LORD but seek to know the Lord, bring your peace unto them, preach saying, “the kingdom of heaven is at hand and the kingdom of GOD is in you and GOD is in you…open your heart and revive the creator’s purpose from within. Let HIS SON be LORD and you be worker of the LORD and lover of the LORD”.

To those who receive the LORD and know the LORD, the wage of life is given. Amen.

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