GOD and magic tricks

Here is a wonder for you. Call it magic, miracle or plainly bizarre occurrence. Speculate if you may, ask by what power it is done but know this – it is not by human power. If it was by human power, it would not be a wonder. As if to hint you, there is something beyond the natural. It is beyond human prowess to will a thing to be. It is not common and that is why those who can, or those who are given power to do this lord it over those who cannot. It helps to create a divide: between those who can perform a wonder and those who can not.

But the true wonder is not between those who can and cannot do a wonderful thing. It is between those who can do a wonder and those who are the wonder. Think of the greatness that comes from being the very miracle and stamp of supernatural presence. That is the wonder – to be one.

For Moses and Aaron, casting a rod and watching it turn to a serpent was a wonder. For Pharaoh, not much; because he had seen it before. It was a petty trick any magician who knew their magic words could perform.

Turn rod to cobra

It was common human endeavor, public-owned miracle, not an actual spectacle. It wasn’t unique but it was from GOD. Sometimes, those who don’t believe would like to cheapen the experience you have had with GOD. FOR some, there has to be a scientific explanation, for others, it is a lie, to some others, it’s cheap magic. To you, it is the hand o GOD, to me it is GOD stretching HIS hand to unveil HIS Will.

What’s the difference between the serpent of GOD and that of the magicians?

What’s the difference between the wonder of GOD and the wonder of men? Between miracle and magic? Between what GOD can do and what man can, too?

It is that in the end, there is only one serpent hissing. Only one truth unshaken, only one wonder stays and the others wander off. Only one rod is taken from the ground. Only GOD remains. In the end, only GOD can stand when all we understand or do not understand is put to the trial.

However, I’ll like to be the wonder. Not the wonder worker. I’ll like to be the one who GOD works on and works through. I would like to be the miracle, the wonder worked by only the hands that can create. That is the wonder. Every day, when you set out as a wanderer cursed or blessed to find truth for yourself, know that you are in the process of being a wonder. In searching for the wonder, GOD is making you a wonder.

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