1 of 10: Blood from water

Look at it this way. When GOD, the I AM, sent Moses to Pharaoh, it was about asking Pharaoh one question: do you believe me?

Do you believe who the I AM is?

For Every time Pharaoh said, “no” GOD gave him an answer of who HE is. “No” Pharaoh said and to which GOD replied, “I AM, the one who brings blood from water”.

Pharaoh, do you Know that I AM?


I AM the one who brings life from that which gives and sustains life. I AM also the one who brings death from that which gives life.

I AM life giver and life taker and I AM death giver and death taker.

Pharaoh, do you believe the I AM?


I AM the one who brings the life of the flesh from that which keeps the life of the flesh. I AM the one who turns cleanser to that which should be cleansed. I AM the one who kills and gives life. I AM the owner of life. I AM the one who allows life to be and allows life to go. I AM.

Pharaoh, do you Know who I AM?


I AM the one who makes your pride abominable, and your Nile, unworthy. I create desolation and cause isolation. I AM the reason for creation, and the maker of destruction. I AM who I say I AM. I AM who I AM.

The plagues upon Egypt were GOD’s way of letting Pharaoh know that there was more that he did not know and more than he did know. There was a cause for everything: it was for Pharaoh, a display of divinity; it was for Pharaoh, the futility of disobedient and unbelieving humanity; it was for Pharaoh, a statement of heaven: WE have given you and WE can take it from you. It was GOD’s way of showing forth the folly of the man who does not believe HIM; to show the result of doubting GOD who is and because HE is, we are. The very ability to doubt is given to you to actually believe.

For Pharaoh it was a call to belief; to you, it is a reminder: GOD uses the bad things which happen to you as a reminder. HE uses what is bad to show you what isn’t. Sometimes to turn your eyes from what distracts you in doubt. For me, it’s a buffer, to affirm the authority of who is always in control – who should always be in control: GOD, the I AM.

Pharaoh, do you believe that I AM?


I send blood from your waters. You want evidence? I give you…

This is what happens when we engage GOD in a doubt-belief challenge of wits. Game on!

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