2 of 10: Frogs from Water

When we set GOD away from our knowledge and push HIM off the thoughts of our heart(s) and the imaginations of our minds, we set off the order and balance of existence.

If we proclaim that we are who we are because we could be who we are and not by the power in the reason of GOD – calling us from nothing to become who we are – we set off the balance of existence.

If we rest on the explanation of human discovery against the uncovering of GOD’s purpose for our lives, we set off the balance of existence.

If we bask in the euphoria of what we can do and what we have done and who we can be – and not listen to the LORD when HE tells us what we do not know and how HE has made life to be for us – we offset the balance of life.

The balance of life is that GOD is – over all – supreme and man is – over-all – the grim investment of GOD in the universe. It is that when the LORD calls for man’s attention, it is for our expansion and HIS glorification and our beautification even after the conversation of life has taken place.

Where humanity questions GOD with disorder, GOD brings HIS mercy of Judgement upon this order that fights the order of existence.

With Frogs from Water, GOD says to Pharaoh, “I AM the One who brings terror and disgust from that which refreshes you. I AM, the one who distorts your source of pride by soiling it with that which only I can bring”.

What GOD’s second response to Pharaoh is, was meant show HIM and all who are like him – in thinking and resolve – that whatever makes humanity proud in itself can be destroyed.

One reason why GOD doesn’t make sense to humans who are armed with their worldview of disbelief and doubt is because there is an answer of pride to the question of what the reason of existence is. For man, it is that because he can exist he exists. For man, because the universe could be, it created itself. To Pharaoh, it was that all that GOD had done were things his magicians could do.

However, GOD does what cannot be reversed as a pitch to every query for the reason of his supremacy. GOD brought frogs, only GOD could take them away. Magic failed and GOD was hailed!

For the pride of men, GOD instils humility of service by orchestrating the realisation that man is in need of being saved by GOD for an everlasting precedence of freedom and life.

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