03 of 10: Lice From Dust

GOD begins HIS statements of truth and worth and great creativity with the most insignificant elements. HE begins with the little things which – to us – are best ignored, those issues which we stamp our feet over, those things which we move over without recall. GOD is in the little details and from these factors, the scale of life functions.

In creation, GOD makes man – human, now – from the ground. From fine earth, GOD makes one of the most complex organisms. From that which is worthless and easily replaced, GOD makes a great thing of worth and high value which cannot be easily replaced.

“I’ll like think of this as GOD’s way of making a statement to the abilities of man as we try to match up with HIS powers if not for anything but to prove that we can do what GOD does and that we, too, can be as GOD but not in the way that HE wants us to be”

For liberation, GOD uses the most insignificant issues to cause the most significant change. For freedom, HE uses the most downcast characters to cast down the obstacles. For redemption, GOD used the man of descent, best be ignored. Yes JESUS, The Son of Man was from the root David but as a man of Nazareth whose earthly father’s profession was carpentry, the high theologians of HIS time didn’t see HIM to be Messiah because HE couldn’t have possibly known enough of freedom to save them from their imperial captivity.

“It is GOD’s decision and prerogative to use that which we look down upon to elevate us from that which looks down on us. It is GOD’s delight to not be predictable by human speculation. Whether, we can analyse the reason why HE does what HE does, it is certain that GOD is in the business of stunning us with the impossible to do what is made possible only by HIM”

And so making another statement to Pharaoh as a testament of his judgement by Mercy, GOD uses dust – that we are – to torment the life of the nation which does not wish to acknowledge that GOD IS. To Pharaoh, GOD said, “I AM the one who brings lice from dust” as though saying now to our generation, “I AM the one who brings vice from your lust; who shows you the lies of your rust”

That which we “commonise”, to GOD is precious catalyst in the breeding of creation. To us, some of our practices which seldom seem to matter are the issues GOD uses to call us to order. These include our habits which cannot be confronted by our weak consciences or our lavish disregard for the order of truth – older than our knowledge of life, itself. What GOD does to us – as HE did to Pharaoh – is to make us see that HE uses those little things of no importance to us to show that we, too, lose our importance when we place no value to HIM and HIS Ways.

To bring life from dust, even the magicians could not do this. It had to be ‘the finger of GOD’. It was GOD’s way of pointing our error of disbelieving in HIM; that the vices upon the earth are HIS finger upon us, showing us that we have erred, first, to ourselves since sin and separation from GOD is its own judgement of death and secondly to the order of creation which yearns for us to be whole and whole by being wholly GOD’s.

“To bring life from dust, even the intelligent man cannot; to bring lice from dust even the magician cannot. It is the finger of GOD that does all these great things from little things”.

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