04/10: A Multitude of Flies

To the question of grief, there is an answer of belief.

For example, why would GOD send pestilence as damnation to those who doubt HIM? Is it not a form of imposition that a good GOD allows bad things to happen for the purpose of gloating at doubt?

GOD would send pestilence to assure the doubting man that there is a sovereign power above humanity. To ensure that we remain aware and not feign ignorance that there is One who can do all these things and has authority to do everything because HE is the Authority to do all these things But to also defend belief, GOD separates GOD’sBondMan from man who is bond to himself so that when such pestilences come: from probable source or from nowhere at all, there is a separation by reason of bonds. We all belong to GOD yet those who have surrendered to be long with GOD through everything are spared the trial for evidence to determine whether GOD lives or not.

You see, because GOD doesn’t need to prove to HIS BondMan that HE IS in the eye of life working the divers miracles or causing the wheel of judgement and understanding to spin, when the time arises to show evidence of belief regardless of the grief it may cause to doubting man, there is no need to include GOD’sBondMan.

It is not a show of partiality because it is one from necessity.

So for Pharaoh, it was GOD’s way of stretching his doubt to its limits; how far could his query of GOD go? However, Pharaoh did believe. In the moment of torment, in the evidence that these things were by the hand of GOD, Pharaoh believed. Asking for intercession, requesting of the LORD that these pestilences which fly over them be taken away. So what really was the issue? It wasn’t the lack of belief – because all man who are alive believe; whether they accept or not – it was the deceit of the spirit.

For some, we are just Pharaoh in belief. We are reminded about GOD only in our afflictions; only when life goes sour and life goes rough. We are aware of GOD only when we need GOD where it hurts. We only turn to belief when and only when we grief. We are Pharaoh. To be Pharaoh is to turn your mind away from GOD the very moment you (think you) have no need to put your mind on HIM.

“And for the case of forgetting GOD, or forfeiting HIS Law simply because we can, it is equal to doubt even if we believe in GOD. The truth of belief is not to use GOD to do what we want but to be used by GOD to do what HE wants”.

In the end, we must pray to GOD to help our hearts not to be hardened even when we see clearly that there is GOD working in the midst of life and causing all that rotates on the earth to rotate for the earth. In the end we must ask GOD, that HE should not lead us into temptation. Moreover, we can only ask HIM this by believing that HE IS, always.

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