05/10: Cattle Death

What does Moses say to us by his words to Pharaoh that we must never miss or mix for theatre in the narrative? It’s clear, really. Think about it. It is that slavery is different from service to GOD.

Slavery is different from service to GOD

In fact, slavery is directly opposite to serving GOD. It is that limitations are opposing to holding GOD in Highest of regard. It says also that those who worship GOD are freely given a place in life and not whatever suits a mechanism of slavery. It says that servitude is not slavery.

Servitude is not slavery.

But what about GOD’sBondMan and the bond? Simple. It is that GOD has a covenant with Man. It is that man is a covenant. It is that the Word of GOD and the work of GOD protects us from breaking this oath of love which GOD has towards man. It is not that we are slaves, it is that we are extensions of GOD. Embassies of and by the will of GOD upon the earth. It is that we carry what GOD carries at heart and that we are invested in the investments of GOD. For GOD’sBondMan, the Bond is redemption and salvation.

The Bond is redemption and salvation.

So this is what Moses tells Pharaoh whether he believes Moses or not: The people of GOD cannot worship the GOD of freedom as slaves. The believer of GOD cannot be in bondage of death while they worship the GOD who gives life. To Pharaoh, “GOD doesn’t want hypocrisy in worship.” HE has given us freedom and that is HIS Kingdom: come to us, come into us that we may become citizens of HIS Kingdom on Earth as it is in heaven.

“In all honesty, this is Christianity. The freedom from sin, the redemption from the power of sin, the salvation from the limit of “seen or not believed”. This is Christianity, it is faith: free to believe GOD and then by belief, we see GOD”

This is also why GOD is eager to get Israel free because no child of GOD is slave to man, men or the wits and ways of men. In this regard, GOD gives Pharaoh another answer of faith. Separation. It is GOD saying, “I AM the one who gives life and takes it away. To mine, I give life, for a sign, I give death”.

“By the way, I am sure that the separation of the state and the church is most evident only by faithfulness in that what the state – that is unfair to GOD – suffers, the church – who is bond to GOD and obedient only to the edict of GOD – would not suffer”

So GOD’s point to Pharaoh and to the willful unbeliever is that GOD has the authority and is powerful to give death to meat, to give no depth to the flesh, to take the length from that which meets our worldly standards. This is GOD calling on humanity to return from seeking pleasures which would die and fate which would end to have salvation and seek faith which makes friend of GOD and measure which make us lie in green pastures of peace and fulfilment, forever.

“What GOD was asking and what GOD is asking till now is separation. That the believer be separate in ways from the willful unbeliever. That the servant be separated from slavery. That the meat of belief would not meet the meat of unbelief. That there would be a mark, dividing what is GOD’s and what is for gods other than the living GOD”.

So the fifth answer of GOD to Pharaoh is to give death to the livestock of unbelief, to the stock of life that disbelieves GOD. To that which feds humanity with sour displeasure for its maker. All that gives strength to doubt, be dead. All that promotes the death of man before GOD, be dead.

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