07/10: Hail from Heaven

Set sail on course for truth, hitter yet would not wither. This is the great paradox from the understanding of GOD’s Ways:

The reason GOD raised Pharaoh up and higher than all men, was that by his humiliation, all the world would know that there is no one like GOD in the earth.

GOD raised Pharaoh to bring him down for him to see that only GOD is lord.

“No pity party is required for the consequences of playing lord of your own life when the actual LORD comes upon the affairs of your life. What GOD paid Pharaoh with was what Pharaoh had laid for himself”

For Pharaoh, his sin was that he had refused to live what he believed to be true. Let’s be honest. He had seen the LORD in action, but he had been comforted by the strength of his reprobation. The hail – like the Deluge in the days of Noah – was a test of faith. If you believe the word of GOD without doubt in your heart and fear in your heart, then you would not be under the sky when the hail of ice and fire rains down. If you believe in GOD and HIS Word, you would not argue truth because it doesn’t suit desires. If you believe in GOD and the power by HIS Word, you would not hurt yourself by committing sins to soil your holy temple dedicated to GOD. If you believe, you would not weaken yourself with doubts and the speculations by doubt. That’s the resolve.

This Hail, the eighth sign from GOD, was greater than anything Egypt had seen. It was hail of ice and darts of fire. Only the finger of GOD could fight men in their own conjoined battles and win beyond interpretation.

ONLY GOD could aim, fire and never miss the heart of man so accurately.

From Hail, it is that “GOD is HE who brings what is greater to overwhelm the greatest of the lands”.

The affliction was to Pharaoh’s heart because it wasn’t just about caging the people of Israel, it was about defiling GOD’s Word again and again and again yet expecting a gain from doing so.

“There is no gain in counting the pain of the world as reason for you to be defiant to GOD. No, not one gain except from the very pain which is the excuse. Rather, what GOD gives is leave from the pain – if only you believe that HE gives peace to the unease of life”


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