08/10: Locust Upon The Earth

And for the eighth statement of Faith from GOD to Pharaoh, GOD says with locusts, “I AM: HE who fills the earth with that which destroys the earth”.

For a moment it would look as though GOD The LORD of Israel and the covenant keeping One is a vindictive force and machination of destruction. Normally, I would think so, too. However, the truth about this case is that GOD was showing Pharaoh that HE could destroy the World and set it back in motion because HE is the creator. It is because HE knows how the earth was assembled that HE is able to dismantle it at HIS Will. It is GOD who knows where the earth is strong and weak and is able to raise it up or bring it down. It is the LORD WHO does these things.

So in the case of Locust, it is to use that which is fickle and small to cause havoc greater then itself. It is not because they are the most dangerous but it is that GOD uses tools which were not capable to do greater things to do these great things. GOD can use a baby’s smile to heal the broken-hearted, a child’s walk to save the misdirected, a woman’s wit, a man’s senses, a buzzing fly, a moving train, a lost coin, a manifold stack of cards.

For GOD’sBondMan, there must be sensitivity to know what GOD is using this time: The words of an enemy, the betrayal of a friend, a war, a rumour, a flight, a charge in Calvary.

Everything can be used and anything can be used – it is all to the glory and purpose of GOD. Everything created serves at the pleasure and will of the All-Mighty GOD.


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