09/10: Darkness

And GOD causes darkness to fall upon the earth.

Confusion upon the wisdom of man; chaos upon the order of man; uncertainty upon the discovery of man; nothing upon everything that man has. It is darkness that can be seen, it can be felt, it cannot be left, it can not be ignored. It is darkness that can conquer all light except the light from GOD. It conquers all except GOD, the Light. It is darkness that shows to us that we have nothing without light and since GOD is light, we have nothing without GOD.

GOD uses darkness to show us the light.

In the conflict, HE shows us that the only peace which stands all trouble of the heart or the worries of the mind is HE. GOD uses our inabilities to show us that we are enabled only by HIM. GOD uses what we don’t have to show us that we can have nothing we need unless by HIM. To GOD’sBondMan the message is that we are nothing without GOD. We are naked without GOD, we are vulnerable without GOD. We are empty without GOD. We are all we are not without GOD.

To Pharaoh, GOD used darkness to say, “I AM HE who takes and aches life to a stop by that which keeps the balance of life”. It felt like the last straw and there was no negotiation with the Will of GOD. Due to darkness, nothing happened in Egypt. All life stopped, All thoughts were captured, all wits dismembered, all hopes stalled, all dreams stopped and they work to the reality that if GOD left humanity, there was going to be a great depreciation and consequently, a lack of cohesion to life.

“If GOD wills, HE takes away our enlightenment and leaves us ignorant. We see nothing. Our understanding is darkened and we are flawed by our very existence. If GOD leaves, we are nothing beyond wastes – revolving around life”.

GOD can take how we see life if we set course off HIM. Darkness is a disconnection not just of sight but of time and being. With a Word of GOD, we receive Life but GOD can take what HE has given. We must shudder in holy fear that all we have is from GOD and all we would have is by the hands of GOD working through us.


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