10/10: Perfect Score

Humanity is the child of the maker. Say that over and over again. Why? Good question. It’s to teach and train the mind to never forget.

Humanity is the child of the maker.
Humanity is the child of the maker.
Humanity is the child of the maker.

However, as child of the maker we take centre stage in the universe. The redemption of the worth of the universe and its balance hangs in the scale of humanity’s loyalty. The solution to our weary existence away from our maker, the creator, is to put HIM first as we are put FIRST in HIM. To do to GOD what GOD does to us. To pay the coin as much as we have to pay.

Because GOD sacrificed to save us; we sacrifice and be the sacrifice to stay in HIM.

Therefore what is first borne in us is the interest of GOD. What should be first born through us should be the investment of GOD. It should be HIS thoughts. HIS Culture, HIS life, HIS image. It should be the package of restoration and the voltage of salvation. It should be GOD in us, GOD through us and GOD for US. This is our first birth sacrifice. Anything contrary to this is seeking death from GOD. A separation that tears us apart from our ordination of excellence in HIS Name.

Much like this, if we say we shall not sacrifice our first birth to GOD, there would be death of anything which is borne from and to us. Like in the case of Pharaoh, GOD takes the first position or HE takes out anything in opposition. It is GOD in the first position or there would be nothing in the occupation. It is GOD taking the position or there would be no competition.

It is because of love that GOD shields us from destruction even if this act is by our hands. So to Pharaoh, GOD kills the first-borns of Egypt saying, “all that you hold first before ME is death for you and DEAD to you” as a sign to us that if we push GOD From our thoughts, we create a space that only death can fill. In the refusal of GOD, we become dead.

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