We know

We know that our GOD never forgets us in our affliction(s) and in the fullness of time, HE pays us with freedom by salvation.

We know that our GOD is HIS Word; that HE keeps HIS Word; that HE lives in HIS Word; that all is a product of HIS Word and that the fullness of glory of the world is only by HIS Word.

We know that the name of our GOD is infinite; unchanging; unwavering; unrelenting; all-knowing because there is no limit to who HE is and What HE can do.

We know our GOD saves us from the impossible because in HIM, all’s possible.

We know our GOD and our GOD knows us and we are known by our GOD because our GOD is made known through us.

We know that the voice of GOD echoes in the mouth of HIS prophets but we also know that HIS Voice comes through HIS Son in grace and mercy; and by HIS Love in election, we, too can carry the everlasting power of the presence of GOD’s Voice in our mouths.

We know that GOD strengthens the weak for the sake of HIS Glory and praise.

We know that GOD is bigger than the machinations of (wo)men and in due time all the discoveries of humanity are swallowed up only by the knowledge of GOD.

We know that GOD turns pleasure to torment and changes the state of nature to make a statement of HIS Power.

We know that GOD can bring disgust and waste from all that gives our humanity pride just to humble us to see our little roles in the big picture of HIS Ordination.

We know that GOD is first; we know that our GOD is the best.

We know that.

We know that we are dust and living earth and that can be used to remind us of our roles of worship.

We know that dust becomes lost when we lust after dust and forget that GOD is first.

We know that persecution is persistent but GOD gives us strength yet we also know that GOD separates HIS Own from the evils of the land under HIS Fury.

We know that unbelief is sin and sin brings torment and torment is death if it is by separation away from the love of GOD.

We know that GOD makes our enemies stronger only to prove a lasting point of HIS Power. We know GOD hardens the heart of the destroyer to show forth HIS Glory forever.

We know that our GOD gives life and that which HE gives, HE can take. We know our GOD has all power to create, sustain, make desolate and destroy.

We know that GOD is the authority of all power and there is no limit to this.
We know that no one can hide from GOD: not their thoughts or their imaginations, not their fears or their aspirations. We know that before GOD, all of creation is naked and ONLY HIS Light is true covering.

We know that GOD’s garment and blood is truth.

We know that what comes from GOD is greater and grander; that the miracles of Nature are greater than the spectacles nurtured by man.

We know that GOD does HIS Will, willing us to do the same. We know that GOD’s Will is right and our obedience to HIS Will is righteous(ness).

We know that GOD is in the light and the darkness, in our hearts and in our “at”s.

We know that GOD shows HIS Power by stopping life which is wrong so as to bring the life which is right.

We know that GOD comes first in and to us and if this is not so, all that we place first in us is dead and gives death to us.

We know that we are elected to show forth the beauty and bounty of GOD through us.

We know the journey of life only by the direction of GOD.

GOD shows us and is with us both by day and by night; to keep us in the way and show us the light; to comfort us with Words to say and give us HIS Might.

We know that GOD is in the fire, the cloud and the rain. HE is in our hearts, the thoughts and our veins. HE is in us when we are in HIM.

Our GOD is our shield, our light, our hope, our being, our essence, our presence before challenges. Our GOD is in our faith, our fate, our frailty, our avail, our sail, when we wail, and in our tale.

Our GOD is in us; our GOD is who we trust.

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