GOD is very interested in making spaces. It’s time GOD’sBondMan became aware of this. GOD is vested in creating spaces.

Think of the universe and the vast expanse of existence…space.

Think of the allowance of the death of Stephen to create a space for the Christian Church to move from “inaction” to “in action”. Spaces.

Think of the death of JESUS as a space-maker: making space for us to approach the creator face to face; making space by tearing the veil and giving us access to see the face and presence of GOD. Spaces.

Think of the redemption of man who – by filthy self-righteousness is almost saved; but by the blood and sanctification in peace which only JESUS CHRIST gives – is sanctified in “all; most” of the time. Spaces.

Think of GOD making spaces in the rock when Moses spoke to it and brought out water to quench the complains and murmuring of the Israelites en route to Canaan. Think of GOD always and in all ways making spaces and avenues where there were none: rivers in deserts, light from darkness, leadership from exile, protection out of nothing, miracles from insignificance, magnificence from scratch, reason and reasonable belief from doubt, strength from feebleness. Spaces.

Think of GOD working through you, making a way from nothing. Spaces.

Think of GOD working in you, keeping the gaps wider between you and those who are not ordained for you, between you and those who plunge you deeper into your worst state with GOD. Spaces.

Think of the loss you’ve had for GOD’s sake…if only you’d see what HE saved and saves you from, you’ll count it all gain for HIM. Spaces.

Think of the Red Sea and how a strike of a rod was all the physical evidence of GOD’S hands making space for Israel to be set free from slavery, forever. Spaces.

Think of you and the gates of hell, not prevailing. That’s GOD making spaces even we don’t understand, yet.

Think of it how you don’t sink into filth no more. Spaces.

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