Stand and See

Stand still and see the salvation of the LORD.

Where there is a fight for your life in the journey which GOD has placed you in, and placed in you; stand for what is right and be at peace through the worries. It is GOD who fights for HIS BondMan, it is GOD who saves HIS Own.

Stand and be still to see the salvation of the LORD.

When you hold your peace, it is HIS Peace that speaks for every piece of worry and anxiety. Tell yourself the truth and I’ll do the same. If there be anything which causes us to be anxious fueling an unbelief and feud between us and GOD, if we can surrender them in humility before GOD, we would see the salvation from our GOD.

Stand and be, still, to see the salvation of the LORD.

HOLD your ground on the true nature of righteousness. Hold the fort for the side of you Maker and do not relent. Never relent. If you relent; repent. GOD’sBondMan is a soldier whose war is by faith and weapons by love and attack by truth and defense by GOD and goal to Holiness so that all is wholly to GOD, for GOD and by the hand of GOD.

Stand and be steel then see the salvation of the LORD

…and uphold your feet not to be swift to leave. Uphold your heart not be swift to be moved away from its Maker. And uphold your eyes to be steadfast unto GOD; and uphold your mind not to leave the understanding of why it is. And be strong in your resolve in GOD both by prayer and studying of HIS Word and it is the King of Glory who would make HIMSELF manifest upon you.

Understand until you’ll see the salvation of the LORD.

Make these words be established in you. Let the Revelation of GOD build an army of established truth and knowledge in you. Until the LORD comes a second time, have the knowledge of GOD fortified in you. Until the Second Harvest of Resurrection in HIS Light, have the truth grounded into your culture. Until you see HIM in glory, do not shift from the way. Amen.

Strands and seals sieve for the salvation of the LORD.

From the little components of life in all its beauty to the mighty edicts and protections of life in all its bounty, seek for the presence and salvation of the LORD. In all things: great or smaller than great, let the goal and desire of yours be to see that the salvation which only the LORD gives is mounted like a flag above the crown of your intelligence and beneath the sole of your walk towards the fulfilment of life.

Sands and seas sing the Salvation of the LORD.

All the places of nature proclaim that GOD saves; that GOD saves the best of HIMSELF for us; that GOD saves the best for HIS Children; that GOD saves the worst of us to become the best; that GOD saves whether we agree that HE does or not; that GOD saves and does not hold back HIS Salvation to all those who belief and are called unto HIS Purpose and Will.


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