And they complained.

The water was bitter, make it sweet.

If the LORD is the LORD and you are HIS Servant, turn bitter water to sweet. If the LORD is GOD and HIS Love is Law, turn bitterness to sweetness, turn sorrow to joy, turn gloom to joy, turn ache to strength, curse to blessing, blockade to freeway passage. If GOD is GOD, HE should turn evil to good; turn darkness to light, turn heavy heart to merry heart; turn impossible to possible; turn waste to treasure. Turn turn turn.

If JESUS loves us, HE should return.

And for every challenge they met in the journey, they would come plainly to GOD and complain. And they complained.

They complained about being free with no food, being free without luxury, they complained about freedom. And they complained.

And they complained, again

Our stomachs are groaning, our pots are empty.

Did you take us away from Egypt to kill us here? If the LORD is the LORD and you are HIS Servant, turn hunger to fulfilment, turn desire to harvest, turn emptiness to fullness, turn rage to wage, turn turn turn. In return for following YOU and You, meet our needs or…or we turn back.

If JESUS loves us, HE should take away our infirmities, HE should stop our calamities; HE should wade off our frailties. HE should…HE should…HE should.

They complained about not being satisfied, not being gratified with answers to requests as a measure for worthy faith. If GOD did not oblige then either GOD was dead or not worth serving. And they complained.

And they complained, yet again

Is GOD amongst us? Is GOD in me?

Why do I gave heaviness of life? Why is life a burden like this? Why am I thirsty and my thirst is not quenched? Why is this like this and that like that? Why why why?

If GOD wants me to reason then HE must give me a reason…why?!

Now for the Children of Israel – much like the modern sojourn of the Christian or the follower of GOD – there was always a request for GOD to prove that HE is GOD. If there was no proof then there was no GOD. JESUS calls this the walk of little faith.

We can come plainly to GOD with our petitions but we must not impose our wills upon HIM, we must not challenge HIM to show HIS Power or cease to exist from our lives. In true understanding of who GOD is, there is no imposition from GOD to man but neither should there be imposition from man to GOD.

In most cases, GOD takes us to a place of bitter water, a situation of hunger or an issue of thirst to trial our hearts and see what is in our thoughts: to show us what we cannot see of ourselves. All lives of GOD’sBondMan are a test, all situations: anguish or pleasure to relinquish are to see what comes first in priority. For life, GOD wants to see if HE comes first or naught. That is the bond.

Additional notes

But when we ask of GOD, knowing that HE is all we have and we make our requests known – not that HE has not already known – HE answers. A tree to cause bitter water to be sweet, meat for hunger, bread for content want and a rock of water for thirsty journeys. In our era, it is a cross for the payment of the wages of our sins, an everlasting blood (without blemish) for remission of sin, a body of Christ for strength and HIS Word for our weary hearts. A formidable stance of HIS ageless grace for all our troubles. That’s the benefit of the Bond with GOD.

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