What is mine is thine

Here is my vow: To your edict I bow.

All that I have is yours; without force, you may take and break and make me as you please.

I am your clay. Forever, starting from today. There is nothing I hold back from you, it is your word and work that I shall do.

Here is my vow: unto your life and thought I bow. All that is mine is thine.

And I am thine as you are mine; and with all these, your love is a sign that by your voice I am in line. In chaos, I would be fine.

I am thine and you are mine

All that is mine is thine

Lord, let me start afresh, be reborn as your son. Let me be led by your voice; let it be: that all I do is your choice. Let my shackles only be your freedom – to worship you by living in the will of your kingdom.

My life is yours and your light over me is a plus.

Today, I begin to please you more and more with great understanding of how you love me and want me even though I am dirty and empty and filthy and uncanny. Let me be born again, wash me from every enmity against you that comes as a pain which torments me to doubt you at hidden points of my life.

Where I lack boldness, give me strength for my weakness. Amen.

What is mine is thine

When I lack hope in forgetfulness, give me memory, give me remembrance.

What is mine is thine.

When I have nothing and I despair for something, be my everything. With you, I shall not lack – I shall not want.

What is mine is thine.

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