“Jehovah-nissi – The Lord is my banner

GOD is the End, my friend.

GOD is the purpose: the creator whose duty is duly deserving to propose and to accomplish, to establish, to bring to pass, to cause what would last long to begin. GOD is the finality, let’s be honest; anything outside this is futility. You cannot make much sense after life if GOD isn’t the reason why life was there in the first place.

“I rock myself with the thought that GOD brought me here, it is because of GOD that I am still here and when GOD pleases and hopefully when HE is pleased, HE would take me away”.

Everything that happens between my entry and exit of the world is HIS to approve, HIS to prove, HIS for reprove, HIS to ensure I improve, HIS for the stillness or the joy in every move. HIS HIS HIS.

HE’s and the glory of that is HIS.

This is why my purpose in life is GOD, GOD’s and for GOD. if life is a war – which most assuredly it is – GOD is my banner. Everything I do is to proclaim the sovereignty of and power and existence of GOD. From as little as a smile to walking in protest for a mile or more. It’s all unto GOD. GOD is my banner. In the end, GOD is my victory.

GOD is my victory – one and only above all. In fact my one and on,y victory above all things – be they accomplishes or achievements worth applauded or converting – is that the LORD, GOD, is mine. I have HIM in me just as and because HE has me in HIM.

“The victory is that I am unworthy but HE found me from dust, from lust, while I was lost and put me first in HIS Mind as HE tore the veins of my infirmities. There is a victory because normally, there would not be one. If all things were equal, I am deserving of nothing but loss but GOD is my gain”

So my victory comes from this notion: that GOD is and so I am.

GOD’s existence is my entire victory and source of hope and in that I am counted as rich in purpose and wealthy in peace; all for HIS Glory…all for HIS Glory.

One thought on ““Jehovah-nissi – The Lord is my banner

  1. Glorify JESUS. Great Son. This is a great piece to ponder, meditate and renew the mind. I appreciate this piece. Be blessed. I love you and your devotion to God. Shalom.


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