BOND 169: The LORD above all god’s

Imagine a world of visible occurrences powered by invisible occurrences.

Imagine a world where the toy car is pulled by a thin line. Imagine the world where the toy car can only move but the pull of the thin line. Imagine if the thin line wasn’t there, imagine the toy car never moved because of this.

Imagine this; imagine these.

Imagine the horror; Imagine the bliss. Imagine your imagination was discarded as non-existent because only you could see it.

Imagine that. Imagine that your thoughts were declared non-existent because, no one can see them but you. But you know them; see them; understand them, sometimes; believe them, most times. Imagine. Imagine that all you have accomplished is dependent on if others can understandably grasp them. Imagine this scenario in the case where no one reasons in the strata you reason – neither are you mad. Imagine.

Imagine the humour in that you can see GOD in everything because everything is by GOD. Then imagine that because someone can’t or wouldn’t admit that what they see is GOD, them they say there is no god.

Imagine belief going down the drain as unbelief.

Now, stop imagining. Part of your imagining, here, would require you to see that all the imaginations above are reality, reliable and realiant on reality.

Imagine if GOD, the Thin Line, wasn’t present and the toy car couldn’t move.

Imagine if GOD, the thin line, wasn’t present and the toy car, the earth couldn’t revolve or life couldn’t be.

Imagine. That’s is the dilemma

But this bond doesn’t deal with the dilemma of GOD: being or not. Rather, it deals with the facts that there are gods and these gods are not necessarily dieties.

These gods are beliefs, unbeliefs, love, money, desire, technology, science, hope, divination, death, life, mysteries, miracles. These gods are names too, called or uncalled; words spoken or unspoken.

This bond deals with the truth that GOD, the Divine, is LORD over all gods. In all climes, all worships, in all things, spoken or unspoken, GOD is above: able to cause to be and cause asunder at will. All that is assembled are so because GOD did and all those which are broken and destroyed are so because…GOD did.

Regardless of what is beneath, GOD IS ABOVE.

GOD is above all things: above those who worship HIM, above those who don’t; above those who know HIM and above those who don’t; above those who put and welcome HIM into their hearts and above those who deny HIM daily with a cock crowing.

What makes a god a god is beneath GOD.

GOD is over all things, deity, or daily battles. All supremacy is solely by the hand of GOD’s approval. HE says a thing and that thing becomes itself.

So yes, what is your god and what makes a god a god? Is it fire, pleasure, protection, provision, vision, revelation, death, life, light and darkness? Is it the earth, the clouds, thunder, animals moving and dying? Is it all that is and would be or should have been? Whatever these are that make a god, GOD made them. The gods are made by those things which GOD made.

In the end, supremacy is not up for debate. GOD IS SUPREME.

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