May you Always Be Free

As GOD gives life, HE gives light to live life. If the sun doesn’t shine not only would we not know time, we would not have warmth or life or anything pertaining to growth.

As GOD gives life, HE gives grace to live life. If we have breath but no bones, our flesh would be weak. Without strength, without motion, nor support or frame or form.

As GOD gives an assignment, HE gives strength to complete. Whether we see it or not, whether we are conscious of it or not, GOD gives us direction and empowers us in the direction. Our lack of strength is as a result of misappropriation because all things which are made to be done shall be done if we yield to the doing.

As GOD gives HIS Will, HE gives us understanding. This is because to all men – even those who have grace to believe – moments of GOD’s Will being manifested look very surreal, unreal or uncoordinated until the very point of awakening. So to all that GOD has set in place for us to finish work upon, by HIS Grace, HE gives us momentum and establishes our knowledge to achieve all that HE sieves into our intellects.

As GOD gives HIS Law, HE gives wisdom to perform by it, to preserve it and to pitch the existence of life on it. In this journey of GOD’sBondMan, it is GOD’s Law that preserves us in HIS Path of Grace in the sense that the Law is billed at showing us where the lines end and how best to have Colour within the lines.

If we teach the Law, the Law would empower the soundness of our judgement. However, this Law is not the compulsion unto death or condemnation but the unveiling of the heart of GOD beating and showing itself as a reflection through our beating hearts. The Law of GOD is morality and the morality which stands all climes of truth throughout eternity. That is the Law: raw or refined – it is the same.

It is the Law of GOD that judges the hidden and secret things of our hearts, sets us on trial only by the material of our thoughts which (through immaterial essence) present our innermost concerns of hope, pleasure and restraints. Only the Law of GOD judges sin without sinning and since there is no hiding place for sin, it is only a blinding race to run away from the prowess of GOD’s Law when it seeks to deliver from the infirmity of enmity with GOD and the Life of GOD.

What JETHRO says to Moses is that he should not wear-out the Law or make it weary of its plaintiffs.

There is wisdom of the Law from the Law and if you see none, go to the giver of Law who alone gives us grace to be keepers of the Law for the same purpose of preserving the life of GOD in us.

There, and here, I’ll say it again, because the Law protects and provides wisdom by which we can understand GOD, The LAW gives us foresight of our freedom who is the one and only – JESUS, The CHRIST and Son of The Living GOD, Forever more.

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