Peculiar, a Letter

Dear Idunnu,

I am on no compulsion to prove myself anymore than I already am. My error would be to attempt, to conspire within myself; to fine-tune edges and maybe appear more perfect for the sake of being presentable. This doesn’t mean I am not up for tutelage or learning or process-ing or breaking and molding and living and let me repeat learning; it means that human standards would never be given place to dictate how I should be and when that should begin.

Why? Well it’s simple, really, what does humanity know? Name all humanity knows, then name all that has been saved by what humanity knows, then name what is left to be saved, then name what cannot be saved by humanity and what humanity knows. I leave you to the conclusion…it’s best that way.

You owe me nothing. All that you should have done but didn’t do; say but didn’t say; are loans to GOD and from GOD; not me. You are only accountable to GOD not even yourself.

Why? Simples, really: What do you know? What do you know that has saved you? What do you know that has helped you be saved from what you don’t know? In the end, you know…what you know and not what you don’t know. Whether you wish to know what you don’t know, that’s your conclusion to make.

So why do I write, this, anyway? Simple. To state what I know. Knowing fully well that what I know would lead me to what I don’t know. Either by conscious knowledge or revelation by what is absent but shouldn’t. Invariably, I know that I don’t know something, actually many things. But this knowledge of no- knowledge is good knowledge to humble me, to make me better, I know for sure.

I know that individuality is what humanity doesn’t have, on it’s own. Roll your eyes all you want but you know it’s true. If the society sets a measure of beauty where only through this there is beauty, we have successfully copied one design in many outcomes. If everyone aspires to be one thing in order to be appreciated, imagine the nightmare.

If I must wear a white to be pure, then I am not individual anymore especial if the demand implies that black or red are not pure. Now, quote me anywhere, my fear is my only true strength.

Okay. Fine. Hear me out, first. It’s not a rebellion from standard and order, it is that if only one thing determines identity and that thing was dictated by humans (who are just as unstable as substandard can get) then I wouldn’t really subscribe to it thoroughly. Not as a human; not as a poet, not as a breathing entity, not as a Christian and certainly not as GOD’sBondMan.

Call it Printed and vintage pride but individuality and true individuality stands out and walks against wrong traffic. What is common now? Let’s look at it. Look at the fervor at which it is pursued? If it is created by man for man and nothing more beyond this life, it’s nothing.

Luke reports that “What is highly esteemed among us, as humans, is indeed abominable before GOD”.

WHY? Because humanity knows nothing of how it should be if GOD who made it doesn’t guide it solemnly and in love. If GOD isn’t guiding, then we are being guided by gods. These gods are dependent on what GOD created…now you can laugh at the pathetic situation.

Which is why I’m sure that to be peculiar and to be unique is only a crown thrust upon our heads by GOD. It is a journey set in motion only by the dictates of GOD. It involves being set apart and distinct before other humans who – if aligned with GOD are just as distinct as distinct can be.

So for you to be you as you should be, you need to be willing to follow GOD who doesn’t repeat a value of Identity twice.

Which is why, we look the same but we are not the same; in thoughts, in actions, in intention, in outcomes of life not even when we are given the same of everything.

So Idunnu, GOD gives the individuality. You can chase for it or chase from it but in the end, it’s GOD-given and human-receiving. Fullstop. Which makes much meaning in the truth that it is only GOD who sets the destiny, proposes the dynamics of this and the dynamic difference for good and not of evil just as Jeremiah says it.

It is by GOD that you are and are special without which you would be a reflection of a blueprint of others. Boring. It is boring to be a reprise of others and subsequently tied to one goal of demise.

The reprise of human folly is its demise.

I’m charging you to the course of GOD. If you come back, it is because GOD brought you and not you, yourself. I would not want it any other way. Peculiarity cannot be negotiated for any form of mediocrity.

Pardon me for nothing less.

Conflict Ọlátúndé


“There is peace in every prayer”. You know yourself now and always.

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