GOD is in the Smoke

I have a little message – perhaps a smaller one, than the others, in this bond. It may not look like much eventually – perhaps it may look like a repetition or whatever resentment label you which to employ but hold this little word in your head every time you take a moment to test for GOD in discernment. Here is what it is like:

GOD is in the smoke but GOD is not the smoke and the smoke is certainly not GOD.

NO. Don’t read between the lines. Please, stick with the lines. Just the way they are.

GOD can be found in something that can leave quickly but GOD doesn’t leave quickly. 

I want you to hold this closely to your heart. Maybe it’s a point of encouragement or maybe it is simply provocation for you but be aware that:

GOD may be in a thing but GOD is not that thing and that thing is not GOD.

I’m tempted to explain really; but there is no need to round up an extension of this thought anymore than the thought itself. Why? Because that’s the truth for you. If you drop the bias you’ll see it for what it is:

You can see GOD in the working(s) of nature, when you walk by nature or into it but GOD is not nature and nature is not GOD. 

HOW? I can explain that well enough. Sure. It’s like this: If the maker makes a thing, the made thing is not the maker and the makeis not the made thing. For example I can be a writer…yes I know I’m a writer but listen for a moment…I can be a writer and I write a passage. The reader can find my style in the passage, my peculiar use of words in the passage, my distinct deductions in the passage. The reader can find me in the passage both in terms of my experiences and aspirations and my resentment or acceptance to life but that passage is not me; it is a product from me and at will, there can be another and another and I will still remain. That passage is not me and I am not that passage even though I wrote that passage into existence.

My friend, GOD is in fire. I agree. GOD is in the sun, no argument. GOD is in mud, no resentment; GOD is in day and night, no worries but these (things) are not GOD. It’s like having your signature in everything you endorse as a sign that you are in this…

Now, here comes the tricky one. GOD is in the human. The human is not GOD and GOD is not human.

So how do I explain JESUS? I already did. Check here. There is no contradiction to the miracle of GOD coming to man as man. In which case GOD coming as man is GOD coming as man is GOD coming as man is GOD coming as man.

Not quite? But look again, my friend. GOD comes to you as father? Then GOD is father. It doesn’t mean that all fathers are GOD. It means that GOD holds all authority to comes to us as HE pleases like a burning bush? Yes. The burning bush isn’t GOD but it is GOD coming as a bush, burning. 

GOD is not the tool HE comes to us with. GOD is in the tool, yes, to help us and it is only because GOD is in the tool that the tool helps us but the tool is not GOD.

Once again, GOD is in the earth but the earth is not GOD. God is in our hearts but our hearts aren’t GOD. The presence of GOD in a thing or place with said-thing should not take the place of GOD as GOD – with or without said-things. Yes, there is no condition to contort GOD; no equation or logic to bring GOD into existence except that GOD is. Good.

The art is not the artist even if the artist comes to the world as the art both as creator and curator of it. 

You’ll call back? Good. I’ll expect that. Thank you, buddy.

Additional Scribbles while talking:

Today, GOD MIGHT HAVE been on the mountain but the mountain is not GOD and GOD is not the mountain. If you worship GOD, good; but don’t worship the mountain (OR anything else) as GOD.

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