BOND 173

The commandments are not laws to bind us to stillness. If they have appeared so, it is because of the weakness of the flesh to execute the intentions of these amazing guides. There are commands which are meant to keep us in the place of life as opposed to death. In good grace of obedience, the commands give life or keep life, alive.

Now that said, what is the first commandment saying. What is it implying? When GOD says there should be nothing before HIM in the affairs of your life, I’ll say again because part of me has mentioned this somewhere in the previous bonds, it is that HE doesn’t WANT anything before HIM because HE doesn’t want anything standing between you and HIM.

All HE wants is you.

HE tore the veil symbolically separating humanity from divinity signaling that salvation is communion and not division and HE DOES this again and again and again.

If it is the enemy, that stands in the way, HE breaks it down; if it’s you, who stands in the way of salvation, HE cuts you open – to some, this is surgery, and for some reason canal flesh sees it as blurry love.

GOD wants no obstacles between you and HIM. Yes, GOD is so jealous of you…because you are quintessentially worth so much to HIM and the balance of all HE has created. That’s it.

The command is: Don’t have anything stopping GOD in HIS way of redeeming you to the righteousness that beats the standards of guilty and frail humans. It means that GOD stops the cycle before completion from:

GOD made man and man made gods so man worships man-made gods in submission to slavery clothed as pleasure seeking peace thereafter.

GOD made man and man made GOD glad.


Do not put anything that would successfully separate you from GOD: not pain, not desire, not love withered into true lust, not hope that diminishes morality, not regret, not pleasure seeking higher points in the heart against divinity, not war or falls peace, not enmity or….(break in transmission. You complete the list)

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