Don’t make GOD

You shall not make deity of anything.

You shall not make anything – else – of deity.


The second command is easily broken and easily stolen from itself.

What GOD intends and extends to us is that we make nothing as a god; not in any likeness. GOD commands that we do not try to make an image for a god: not from our imagination, not from what we see on the earth or what we have dug from beneath the earth or what we know of heaven and what we have projected from heaven.

It is that we do not attempt to create the creator: to create a thought of the creator other than the thought of the creator.

Look again, now. This command doesn’t just say don’t carve wood into an image or cast iron into a form in which one can extend worship and reference to. In addition to those it says don’t create an Image for GOD and of GOD.

It also says don’t try to form a boundary and limitation for GOD. Don’t try to create a path and insist that this is the only point through which GOD can come and any other is void. It is not in human power to do this. It is only GOD who does this.

Don’t imprison GOD in an image, nor engrave GOD’s presence to a location. Don’t hold it that GOD can only be here and GOD can only be spoken to here or that GOD can only be approached at these times alone and afterwards nothing. Don’t cage GOD, it says.

Don’t resist GOD because GOD didn’t come the way you expected.


GOD says to man, “you didn’t create me, at first don’t attempt to do so, now”.

Don’t lie to yourself that you can even if you wanted to or tried. Don’t wish to have a replica, don’t replace me with anything you know or do not know. That is the command. Don’t put an image of GOD: no static vision or memory recall is needed.

So GOD says, “no” one more time to the cycle of human adamant ignorance because in the end, GOD made man and man made gods; and man-made gods are nothing. Fullstop.

A man-made GOD is not GOD and the result is nothing. So GOD says, “do not make ME nothing to you”. 

Additional Note

Lastly, the command is clearer than ever on this point. Now that we know and have the understanding forever.  In making an image, we make a face however the only face of GOD to humanity is JESUS, the son who looks like the father, always. But do we know, for an authority, how JESUS looks or looked physically?

 No. It wasn’t needed; thus, never provided.

The only face of GOD we need is not one we make for ourselves or of ourselves but one through the spirit: working in us. To look like GOD or to see the image of GOD is to be led by the spirit and that is not something we can make by our own wisdom.

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