Don’t Bow Down

It appears that for the commands meant (commandments) for us, there are so many things we shouldn’t do. There are more “donts” than “dos”. Makes this look like a sort of prison, a cage, the opposite of freedom. But when this arises in your heart, it’s important to ask what kind of freedom is this command taking from you?

Is it the kind of freedom that takes you out of GOD’s Presence (Eden); the kind that hurts your very nature; the kind that blurts you out of the order of the universe? Is this freedom which GOD protects you from not the very path of death; is it not the delusion that because you can then you should – most like the use of belief whereas because you can and are free to jump off the cliff, then you would because you are free to?

These commands are your protection: saving your unguarded desires from their (which is your) doom and the worst of themselves. Now, that said, the third command is just as passionate as a lover’s request.

It’s says, don’t reduce yourself or loose your dominion for anything. It says don’t bow down to anything which has been created.

Dear human(ity),

If you created it; then don’t bow to it. If you made it with your hands, your intellect, your heart then don’t worship it.

Your lover,

It says, because all things are made and created, it is only the creator of all things that should be bowed to or worshiped.

But worship is:

  • a thrust of allegiance
  • a deed of surrender
  • a dedication of all to one. In most cases, of all that you have to the one that you don’t have but want to have.

Worship is about possession both of spirit to act in the body and of body to reach out to the spirit.

Worship is a bridge – all humans must cross. Sometimes we are unaware that we do but we do. It is (a) connection and it is right of passage or stream of consciousness hallowed to one source. It is about having a singleness of purpose and vision to one and not two…but one.

Worship is laying down everything to one thing in order to achieve something that can only be as specific as it is beyond anything you could get aside it. That’s worship.

Dear human(ity),

Worship is love. When you love, you worship or have worshipped or aspire to worship. Worship is the result of love, past; loved, present(ed), and love which is to come. That’s it for itself.


So you see, not giving worship to GOD is hating GOD. The third command says don’t hate GOD because worship is how we love GOD and we cannot worship GOD if we don’t love GOD. It reaffirms that we were made to love GOD; thus, made to worship GOD.

In the end (purpose) of things, our lives are created and we should not love our lives more than we love GOD. We should not worship life and what can be found in life – good or bad – because if anything was created, it ought not to be worshiped.

The only price for being worshipped is not being created.

Additional Note:

No matter what you are going through, don’t worship the difficulty. If life hits you with anything; make sure that you are right with GOD, love GOD.

Love GOD and honour HIM in what and how you respond to life.

It is an inversely developed scale. When you love GOD, you cannot worship falsely; if you worship falsely, you cannot say you love GOD. In the end, GOD never forgets our service of love to HIM and all that gladdens HIM. In the end, GOD pays our dues to us and those after us – because of us.

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