HIS name is not (for) Vanity.

The commandments are another form of creation.

It’s like cutting the excess bits while sculpturing. In this case, our yielding to the command, is the allowance GOD requires to cut us into shape. But cutting involves painful repentance, it involves being broken, it involves watching parts of us fall off, it involves losing our erroneous parts to achieve that shape and form of HIS Holiness.

Obedience is “not trying to pick those pieces for the purpose of sticking them back”.

Every thing which GOD has taken away from you is gone. If HE left them with you, then they are good for you, good for the form HE is sculpting, good for righteousness. In the end, GOD is making a statue of HIS Glory in you through and stature of HIS Holiness.

Every command is a cutting process for refinement.

Now that said, the next command is a very personal to GOD. It says, don’t take the name of GOD in vane.

Don’t hold HIS Name for nothing. There is a purpose for taking up the Name of GOD. When you take this Name with you, when you use this Name, don’t mistake it for anything less of its value, don’t misuse it for any purpose below its reason for being.

His Name is not Vanity; HIS Name is not vane and all those who use HIS Name must be rid of all vane thoughts and intentions. But what is the name? It is the identity, it is the nature, it is character, it is the authority, it is the backing, it is the purpose of GOD.

What is the name? It is the power, it is the mandate, it is the reason for peace or war, it is the issue of miracle and redemption. It is by the name that we are fully certified of our adoption into freedom that heals us from our wounds of wrong life which is death.

This command says don’t take likely the purpose of your redemption. Don’t take for granted the reason of your initiation into eternal life by the sacrifice of HIS love. Don’t take likely the authority of GOD over all things. Don’t use the power of the name as backing for vanity; the LORD is not carnal but holy in spirit – inspiration.
It says don’t live in vanity – don’t trade the heavenly course for a reward of vanity in this world.

It says “GOD over all things including the world over you”. It says when you proclaim the name of GOD, when you live by the nature of GOD, when you walk in the authority of GOD, the purpose should never be for self, for vanity, for worldly gains, for anything except the divine purpose of GOD. The authority in the name is for the purpose of the name. It is for reconciliation and not a cancellation or conciliation of natures.

In the end, those who must appear guiltless before the standard of GOD must be accountable to the righteousness demand of HIS name. It is the demand for Holiness above perverseness and Righteousness over sins and it’s weakness.

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