The Sabbath of Life

Dear Dr. Chika,

I should have written to you sooner but I’m assured that the time is best of the LORD’s plan. You know, we are all in HIS blueprint: living according to HIS approval whether it is HIS Perfect Will or Permissive will. Most times, the Permissive Will is very seductive, very alluring, quite approving in sight; and you and I know that it is very easy to be seduced.

Once, I told a friend that Eve eating the fruit – while a quiet yet watchful GOD looked – was an example of the Permissive Will. In which case, we are responsible for the actions and repercussions. If GOD lets us and we dig our graves and fall in to see how deep we’ve dug, it’s not HIS Perfect Plan but HE permits it. The child should control it’s affairs when it doesn’t listen to the father’s wise words, anymore. But you know this well enough. I’m sure your prayers are guided with this knowledge. I love that about you: the point of “prayer is submission”. I always agree. Thank you.

But that’s not why I’m writing this. I’ve thought and thought and asked and asked and waited and waited for this letter. I’ve been discouraged more times than I can count. Sometimes my dreams oppress me but I’ll have to say it as it is made known to me. The command of the Sabbath. Not a comfy dinner table talk but I’ll spill it anyway.

The command is clear, I know. Remember the Sabbath to keep it holy. It means we have the ability to forget about it. GOD wants to take HIS Own from whatever we have. “6 days for you, 1 day for me” HE says. I agree. But it’s more, now. Trust me.

In the old testament, until a man is caught in the act of adultery, he is not an adulterer and until a woman is found guilty of lies, she’s not a liar. That era deadened the conscience, it increased our instincts to commit evil and appear good. It deadened the judgement for right. It implied that until caught, there was no sin but we both know that there are lies that don’t get revealed, and there are secret affairs that never get uncovered. But if a thing has not been found, it doesn’t mean that said-thing doesn’t exist. Now, how does this relate to the Sabbath? Don’t overthink. I urge you.

In the Old Testament, GOD says one day, the seventh day or the seventh year or the seventh seventh seventh; but now, there is as much an upgrade on adultery as there is on the need for us to rest in GOD. Not just for a day but for all our lives…for a lifetime at best; for a lifetime if rest.

This rest is err…let me say reliance, dependence which is what JESUS shows us that even though HE could do all things, HE only did those which the FATHER wanted to be done. The Sabbath in addition to the observance of the seventh day is to offer – in yielding – all of our lives to GOD. It also implies that we rest from the world so that the rest of the world would recognize the work of GOD’s Perfect Will through and in us.

Let’s rest from our desire for sin, let’s rest from our longing to oppose GOD, let’s rest from rebelling against the truth, let’s rest from hate in the guise of religion. Let’s rest from doing things our way to doing things GOD’s Way. Let’s rest from living under the Permissive Will to the Purposive will.
You’ll agree with me that JESUS came to make the law tighter, to tighten our belts for battle. Obedience is victory to GOD in this battle of decisions. Even obedience is a rest in HIS Word. We rest by trusting GOD. So when someone fights the Sabbath, it’s more than the day, it’s the intent of the institution of rest on/in GOD. When someone fights how marriage ought to be, it’s not just the order they fight but the GOD who made it so.

Chika, I draw strength (sometimes stubbornness) from all these, knowing that this fight is HIS long last proposal for me to rest in HIM. I know; I know, JESUS says we should drop our business burdens and HE would give us rest…Sabbath. Which us why I must end by saying that it is only by JESUS and how HE IS that we can truly experience the blessings of the Sabbath.

No JESUS; no Sabbath.

Yes. You are right, HE is the LORD of the Sabbath.

So I’m hoping with this, we can clear the air on having our hearts, minds, souls and strength offered as Sabbath offerings to GOD. Which means that it is by GOD’s Will my life rotates in the wheel of existence. To live in GOD’s Perfect Will is to experience the greater rise of the Sabbath.

Have a blessed day, brother
Conflict Ọlátúndé

I believe you o; but I want to see how you end “always and forever”. Sometimes ends are too good to be real. I pray for you, always.

3 thoughts on “The Sabbath of Life

  1. Hmm!
    Help me, Lord, to see the Sabbath, not as a mere (darling) social heritage; but as a spiritual heritage.
    May I worship the Lord of the Sabbath and not the Sabbath.
    And May the world join me in this experience (when they see that my heart is truly and in deed, perfumed by the refreshing gas of Your Word.
    May Sabbath-keeping not look too big in my eyes that other sins look as they were paid for by my one point of surrender. May I be an Adventist (looking, in thought and word and action for Eternity and it’s God) on SEVEN DAYS and not just on the Seventh Day.
    So help me God.
    P.S: May Tunde see “forever and always “ blossom into the wonderful creature described in Proverbs 31 (I know he prays that for me). And give him a copy of same for keeps forever…
    In Jesus‘ name… amen

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