Honour The Father and Mother

These are the generations of prosperity and longevity.

The principles of obedience only under the authority of GOD, the Al-Mighty which are never to be forgotten.

To the order of truth and preservation of nature, to the order of the root of continuity and the sustainable of mutual trust.

It is that love can only be between father and mother; male and female; husband and wive where with there is a family. Any other of which is an aberration and mocks with the inability to continue in the divine role given by/of creation through procreation.

This command is with a promise wherewith only faith can unlock the good blessings of this command. It is to come, it shall come but while it comes, we must see it and prepare ourselves for its coming; much like the second advent of JESUS, The Lord.

1. Honour the right union under the power of GOD. The Right union is between father and mother through whom you are fruit of the harvest of love and hope in perseverance.

2. Honour begets value without which there can be no Honour. And this value is only given by GOD in that the value is thrust upon the union which – under GOD – must be directed by GOD: in its propensity, in its direction and in its love.

3. To Honour the partners of the union is to Honour the instructions of the GOD who powers the union to be.

4. And Value begets respect both for the union and those in the union. This respect is the reverence of the value. Where the value is the Perfect Will, The respect is the master plan.

5. Respect begets obedience which is the fulfillment of the expectation of that which is valued.

6. And when obedience is fulfilled, and value is gratified, there is glorification both to the GOD over all unions made in HIS image and to the unions made by the image of GOD.

7. IN THIS obedience, there is no resentment or offense, or guilt, or hate or envy. In fact, love is a sign of obedience to the value which is begotten by Honour.

8. It is the art of glorification that reveals the value one ascribes to the father and mother and this glorification is further expanded by the act of continuity. That which is good, planted as a seed, is allowed to grow inside of you as a result for life.

9. Continuity is the fulfillment of Destiny as it should be, how it should be, because it should be. But the continuity of destiny by the generation of honour through the obedience of the instruction with a promise is better finalized by seeking GOD to know how Honour would be served so that it doesn’t distort the order of GOD over the union.

10. Honour begets Service both to father and mother and then to GOD. It is this service that is the end result of the Honour one has for the union under GOD.

11. IT IS by service to GOD through obedience under the moral guidance of father and mother that leads to prosperity and longevity of life.

12. Obedience comes only by Honour, Honour begets the measurement of value. By value, life is longer and life is better.

13. And after Honour begets value and value begets obedience, Honour lives forever.

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