How To Get Away From Murder

What it means to Murder.

To die. It means to lose life, to help lose life. It entails the loss of and at life. It means to give death to life; to repay what is living with dying; to reject life on behalf of someone especially without consent; to refuse to smile in the face of GOD. It means to take what you cannot give on your own: life. To Murder means death, die and kill. Lastly, Murder is Hatred where there should be love, curses where there should be blessings, death where there should be life, turmoil where there was peace; lust where there should be discipline to love.

Why you shouldn’t Murder.

Well, it’s one simple answer. To kill is to be killed, slowly; a part of you dies when you create the destruction of another. You shouldn’t murder because Murder doesn’t belong to the order of GOD and those who belong or wish to belong to this order must refrain from that which breaks the stream of the order. The order of GOD is life and Murder is against this order.

How Can You Murder?

The best way to kill is to hate, first. To opposite a position best supported. You can Murder by many ways but it depends on what is being Murdered. To Murder someone requires a measure of theft but to Murder self – not in sacrifice to GOD but total annihilation of the Will of GOD – requires a separation from the truth that GOD gives.

Who could you Murder?


When you sin. When your sin separates you from GOD. When your separation from GOD causes you to hate the truth in all the forms that it comes. That’s one way. The second way is to do what GOD says you shouldn’t do. For example, like Eve, dare to do what you should not do: to eat the fruit. To Murder yourself, you can begin with disobedience. To be disobedient, you have listened to the voice of the stranger who comes both as tempter (like the Devil) or as friend (like the serpent). Because you listen to the enemy of your soul, you adopt a desire which attracts rebellion – contrary to your freedom – against the protection of GOD’s Mercy. With this rebellion, comes the discontent with GOD. At the point of discontent, you have committed murder.

Another Person.

To foster the actions you which can lead to your murder on another. To sponsor the discontent in GOD on someone, to encourage rage against GOD’s protection, to dissuade a human from obedience to GOD and Truth, to help others learn how to hate.

When Do You Murder?

When doubt comes. When regrets set in. When hope is differed and when differences are exhaled above unity. When love is banished. When GOD’s Name is tarnished. That’s when.

Rough Conclusion

If you shall not murder, it means that you shall not hate but to avoid this, you shall not rebel and to foster this, you shall choose death in the place of life (death, being the life outside the Order of GOD, which is life). And to do this, you shall not live without GOD. To get away from murder is to get away from the world’s ways and into the way of GOD. The Way of GOD is the Way away from Murder.

So GOD tells us not to forsake HIS Way by commanding us not to murder.

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