Don’t Adulterate Love

What this command really says is, “don’t break covenant”.

It says don’t destroy trust, don’t disrupt the unity of love. Just as humanity shouldn’t commit idolatry, humanity shouldn’t commit adultery because both worship and marriage are sacred.

Why? Because marriage mirrors our connection with GOD.

Why? Because adultery is an adulteration of affection.

Why? Because adultery is geared towards cutting down the tree which only GOD builds.

Adultery is yet another way to refuse the authority of GOD over humanity.

How? Because what GOD has planted should never be uprooted by those it was planted for.

How? Because everything, including sex is a form worship to GOD and worship which is contrary to the truth is adulterated, and foul and empty and false and untrue, without truth, without root.

What this command says is, don’t destroy love because love is the foundation on which our humanity is built on.

It says, don’t break down the pillar that supports society, don’t pull down the fort that defends creation, don’t stop the vein of GOD from pumping HIS Presence into our existence.

Marriage is a vein of GOD, Adultery is a wound.

Where the seal of GOD Is Found, don’t break it. Don’t break covenant, don’t break a heart, don’t break unity, don’t break discipline, don’t break the cause for the continuity of creation. Don’t break the course of humanity with enmity in humanity.


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