Don’t Steal

It is about focus.

GOD gives you one thing. One goal, one purpose, one way, one dream, one mandate, one face, one portion of grace.

What GOD gives you is for you but if you leave that to take up that which GOD didn’t give you, then you have stolen.

There are many ways to steal.

To steal would involve taking the glory of GOD.

Where you decide to do what HE says you should do only this time in your way. Invariably, if you do GOD’s Work the way you like or feel to do it and it is not in coherence with how GOD wants it, then you have stolen.

To do GOD’s Work in your way and not HIS Way is stealing.

Stealing involves taking what GOD has not given, declaring a spiritual independence from GOD and dependence on your ability. To steal would mean to live your life the way you want it outside of GOD’s Way.

Why? Because all you have is not yours. All you have, was given to you by GOD and GOD, being the owner, must be honoured but Honour here requires doing what should be done how it should be done and that involves doing things the way GOD wants them. Outside this, there is theft.

To steal includes mirroring what someone has done while purposefully neglecting what you should do. It is taking up the assignment of another person and giving up on yours. To steal would be to leave your life in order to live another life which was not created for you.

To steal means to neglect yourself and ordination for another self and orchestration.

So stealing is about losing focus not just about taking property belonging to another. This law says what belongs to GOD would be long with GOD and with this mentality, if you take off something from its place, it is theft.

So to keep this command, GOD requires of you and of me to be mindful of the role of “place” and how important it is for us to keep the places that GOD has given to us. Every assignment not attended to makes us liable to theft.

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