The TRUTH, from the ROOT and judging by the FRUIT.

The Truth

To GOD’sBondMan, your witness is not weakness. Your testimony is not acrimony. Your statement of truth should address its root and be proven by its fruits only then shall we know that it is true when it comes from you.


You bear it. You carry it everywhere. Where you are is where truth should be. Where you are is where you carry truth to. You carry truth with you and nothing less or nothing else. Your presence should be true, your gift, truth; your person, truthful.


The witness. Your life is a witness that death is not here. Your creation is a witness that there is a creator. Your words should be witness points of your state of mind. Your actions should be witnesses of who you are and what you stand for. Your witness should be true, your witness should be truth, from its root and be shown by its fruit. What you say should wield the truth. That is what. Your witness should not be false, not of GOD or of man.

What is false witness?

It is that GOD is not in love with humanity to save it from its default of sin. It is that JESUS is not GOD – being the very representation of the Will of GOD upon the earth. It is that humanity cannot be saved by the confession of sin and submission to be seen as GOD’s extension making HIS Will alive in us. It is that truth is weak and our witness of truth can be conquered by lies. That is the false witness. The false witness is that GOD is not enough because if there is enough or anything adequate then GOD is said-adequacy.


Against. When your lies appear, they cause enmity, they seek for division, they want battle with the truth. They want to fight what should be enforced. When falsity appears it is to cause asunder and propose surrender to the course of evil working to take over our minds. When lies come, opposition come. Watch where there is opposition, there is a lie lurking from within. So false witness antagonizes the truth. And the truth is of GOD because GOD is true.


Your neighbour. Lies cause rift. Lies attack. Lies know who to destroy while the liar is only an instrument. So when you lie against your neighbour you don’t love them. This command says: to your neighbour you must bear true witness. What you know to be true, what you know is truth should be shared with your neighbour. And who is your neighbour; anyone but yourself.

To GOD’sBondMan: to everyone but you and including you, tell the truth of what truth is; of who truth is; of how truth is; of truth and all things of truth. To you and all around you, be true for the sake of truth, it’s root (GOD) and the fruits of truth (peace, love and unity through progress of the purpose of creation). Amen.

2 thoughts on “The TRUTH, from the ROOT and judging by the FRUIT.

  1. Lies bound
    Hold down
    Let down
    Uproot the roots down
    Lies blind eyes
    Sear hearts
    Twist minds
    “Lie” is a fiend
    Never a friend
    Lie brings one to the end
    Even before it is really the end
    Truth is the opposite
    Opposes every form of lies
    Every shape and form it lies
    Truth is the chainsaw that breaks the bounds
    Truth is the air that is breathed in after surviving drowning
    Truth is the Sun ray that touches a face after a cold day
    Truth is the life that everyone should live in
    Truth is the root of everything that has true life
    Jesus is The Way, The Truth and The Life
    The Bread, The Air and The Light
    This, if a man has will be free indeed. Amen.


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