Dear Desire

Dear Me,

You know it’s about desire. The unseen signature in your actions. The unseen motivation why you do what you do whether it’s good or not. You know it’s about desire. The higher you climb, the more you want to climb. The lower you dig, the more you want to dig.

Desire is unquenchable.

Yes, it could give you a minute to rest but it comes back as if you have never had it before. Desires craft your wishes. From desires we get the spur to soar or to fall. Yup, it goes both ways. Some desires can increase you – that’s when they know how to decrease in you; and then some desires can decrease you once they learn how to increase in you. The point is, desires begin from judgement.

No. Not the judgement of guilty Or not guilty. The judgement of deciding which is which among many or few.

Is this okay?
Is this “the okay”?
Is okay, this thing?

You need to know.

To desire, you must have judged – mostly between two options. To judge between two options, you should know that there are two options in the first place. So it begins with knowledge, moves to judgement and then we arrive at desire. But that’s not the complete train. To know, requires a yearning. In which case, you’ll realize that it’s a vicious circle.

Desire brings knowledge, which brings judgement that brings desire which brings knowledge that brings …you get my point.

Hey, but is desire wrong? I know that you know that it isn’t. Even if it is, it could be “isn’t” too. All that is good could be bad and you can flip that statement while it continues to make sense. The role of saying this to you (practically, myself) is to best explain why you do or what to do nothing or anything.

Dare me,

There is just as much contest in any and every decision you make.

Anyway…when GOD tells you to avoid coveting, it mostly means that you shouldn’t desire what you shouldn’t desire. It could also mean that you have the plug to control what you desire or not desire. It means you can decide not to desire a thing and you wouldn’t.

Which means desire is a tool and not a taskmaster.

It could be a taskmaster once you hand the controls over to it. Take for example, the sexual drive desire. It is desire. Right? Good. It comes in many ways but the truth is that no matter where it comes through, you would be master of “your fate” if you stopped and interviewed it.

Why do I long for this person? Or experience?
When did it start?
Why did it start?
What starts this or triggers this?
Can this take me through life and eternity?

Here’s the gist. If your desire doesn’t lead you to GOD, purity and the essence of the truth, then you need to pull the plug and have a surgical session on the desire. Cut it open and fix this and that before using. All desires can be re-routed to do good. Which is why you must do good to yourself to use desires for good and not evil; to the end of peace and not evil.

Have I made some points? Maybe. Or maybe not. But this command, if I were to interpret it means, “ensure that your desires, like a horse, are with a brittle to go where you want them to go and not the other way round. Where do you want them to go? Where GOD wants you to go. So the best place to put your Desires is on GOD and everything comes around. When GOD has your desires, you have the whole world, figuratively and actually.

Lastly, you do good to you by being good to you and to be good to you requires setting your desires on the high things of GOD. No loss or waste in the desires of GOD.

(Looks away from the mirror)

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